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How to Learn Microsoft Excel without going to school?

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How to Learn Microsoft Excel without going to school?

Simple Techniques to Learn Microsoft Excel

If you are an entrepreneur or technician, it becomes a requirement to learn Microsoft Excel. It is used by individuals as well as professionals around the world. It is a program that allows users to create and manipulate tables of data. These data can then give rise to calculation formulas, graphs, logical queries, and many more options.

Like most Microsoft tools, Excel is simple and easy to use. Learning how to use it is not very complicated; you just need to learn a few rules and tips.

Learn Microsoft Excel with Online Tutorials

There are many resources on the Internet to learn how to use Microsoft Excel. You can start as a beginner and progress until you become a real expert. These online tutorials are progressive and suitable for people who do not have a high level of computer science. Cursos online gratis de Excel | Tecnología | 5DíasWith these resources, you will learn how to use the most common functions and create Excel tables adapted to your needs.

  • Some free tools you can use include:
  • Microsoft Excel London
  • excelexposure.com
  • gcflearnfree.org
  • spreadsheeto.com .

Learn Microsoft Excel on YouTube

If you prefer explanation in images, there are also many free video tutorials on the Internet, All of these courses are free and easily accessible. Some of them do not even requirement registration. On YouTube only you can find more tutorials than you can possibly use. Take advantage of these free tools.


Learn Microsoft Excel with a training book

If you want to learn Microsoft Excel at your own pace, while benefiting from professional quality courses, there are many books devoted to the subject. The advantage of using a computer guide is that you will have all the information on hand, without going over the Internet, and that you can easily refer to tips and tricks that you would have forgotten. Several collections are available for learning the Excel spreadsheet; search, compare, and choose wisely.

Different institutions offer books, with video resources, which you can easily find on the internet. The collection “Sesame” also offers very good guides, easy to access. The best way is to go to the IT department of your favorite bookstore and choose a book appropriate to your need. You can also go on forums and asking questions in order to gather reviews and hopefully determine the best tools that can help you learn Microsoft excel.Cómo descargar Microsoft Excel gratis en simples pasos - PCWorld

If you decide to do research in a library, do not hesitate to overlook a few lessons while in the library or bookstore to determine if the tutorials are clear enough for you. Also consider choosing a guide that matches your version of Excel, otherwise learning will be more difficult.

As in every learning process, practice is key to succeed. The more you practice the faster and easier you will learn Excel. Using online tutorials, you can do an assignment almost every day until you feel you really master all the essential functions of the program. Remember, your goal is to learn, not to thoughtlessly complete lessons.

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