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Sleep Better Tonight and Every Night with These 10 Simple Tips

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7 Things Essential To Know About Sleep

Sleep Better without taking sleeping pills

In the United States alone it is the dream of more than 30% of the population to sleep better. They suffer from chronic insomnia, and they are desperately looking for a solution to their sleep problems.

Are you among those people struggling with sleep disorders? If your answer is yes, this article will help you end your nightmare naturally without taking sleeping pills.  To sleep better, you need to get rid of certain habits and adopt new ones.Insomnio, consecuencia de contingencia por COVID-19 - Gaceta UNAM

How to sleep better?

Below are 10 simple tips to improve your sleep and the overall quality of your life.

General bad habits that hurt your sleep

1- Do not drink coffee or afternoon tea


To sleep well, it is better to avoid consuming in the afternoon any form of exciting foods or drinks: coffee after lunch, hot tea, or even coca-cola after 4 pm.

2- Do not heavily exercise in the evening

It is highly good for your mental health to exercise early in the morning. For an insomniac, however, doing heavy Physical exercises in the evening is not recommended. It awakens your muscles, including your brain, and prevents you from sleeping well.

3- Avoid taking hot bath right before bed

Our body lowers its internal temperature to program itself to sleep. Taking a hot bath will produce an inverse effect which can lead to sleep problems. Your evening bath should be 37 ° maximum.

4- Avoid staring at electronic screens at least one hour before bed

Television, computer, smartphone, and some other electronic devices diffuse a blue light, close to the light of day, which is very exciting. Persistence in doing so right before bed can cause sleep disorders in certain people. Avoid exposure to these screens in the evening.

Unhealthy sleeping environment

5- Keep a cool temperature in your room

To help your body reduce its internal temperature and prepare for sleep, be careful to always have a temperature 18-19 ° in your room. Sufficient ventilation can also be greatly helpful in helping you sleep better.

6- No computer or TV in the room
No screen, because of the blue light, nor any “awakening” device should be in your bed room. No poster of thriller movies or violent scenes should be in your bedroom. Video games are also not recommended. Instead, consider a moment of mediation or anything that can relax your mind.

7- A bed only dedicated to sleep and intimacy

If you are reading this article until to this point surely you are interested in learning how to sleep better.  One important thing you need to remember is the fact the apart from sexual intercourse or other intimacy, your bed is reserved only for sleeping. Even activities that relax your brain – reading, listening to music – should be practiced out of bed. In addition, do not stay in your bed when you cannot sleep: it can increase your anxiety, your nerves, and prevent you from falling back asleep.

8- Darkness and silence in your room

Having light in your bedroom is one of the main causes of sleep problems. The lights will have direct effects on your brain even when you are sleeping. Keep your bedroom well aerated but dark in order to help your brain stimulate the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. In addition, you need to get rid of noises (such as ticking the watches), and insulate your room.

False beliefs and negative thoughts about sleep

9- Quality instead Quantity
Give importance to the quality of sleep rather than quantity. Although lack of sleep will create surely fatigue during the day, what really most important is the quality.  Natural deep and restful sleep is what your body needs. Taking sleeping pills or dangerous drugs to increase your hours of sleep will do more harm than good in the long run.

10- Pay attention to your sleep signals

You begin to blink, yawn, or have heavy eyelids? It is time to go to bed without waiting; do not resist. Your internal clock loves regular sleeping rhythms. Listen to your body.

How to sleep better under stress or anxiety?

It is very difficult to fall asleep when your ruminations or emotions are high. Te best thing to do is to change your thoughts or some of your beliefs. Certain techniques of relaxation, such affirmation and deep breathing, can effectively reduce the physical and psychic tensions, and help you sleep better.

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