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Make Money Online Easily with These Free 7 Apps

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Make Money Online Easily with These Free 7 Apps

Make Money Online Fast and Easily

Making serious money on the internet is not always easy especially if you are a beginner. However, with perseverance and the right tools, you can earn a fortune on the internet. There are methods for all tastes: take surveys, listen to music, read paid mails, writer article, and others. With determination you can surely make money online.

In this article you will have the opportunity to discover the top 7 free apps for earning money and gifts on the internet. The concepts are sometimes different; choose the ones you prefer.Earn Money 2019 – Work From Home for Android - APK Download But the best solution is to test them one by one and keep the ones you like the most. As you become more familiar with the tasks you can consider adding more progressively.

To make money with these apps, it does not take that long, about 15 minutes a day for the 8 apps. If you use less, it will take less time, it’s obvious! Take for example the 2 applications to earn money by unlocking your phone, they will take you about 1 second of your time and allow you to earn money passively. Other apps pay especially for watching videos or downloading other apps. They usually take you a few minutes a day. Can it be easier than that to make money online?

Top 7 Apps to Make Money Online

1 – Ulike


Ulike is an application that allows members to monetize the lock screen of their phone by placing ads on it. It is available only on Android; it will soon be also on tablet. Ulike will allow you to earn about $11 to $21.18 per month thanks to the advertisements displayed on the lock screen. This is not the only function; you can also earn money by watching videos, downloading apps and sponsoring your friends. If you are active you can definitely earn more.

2 – Step In
Step In is an application that pays you for doing your shopping. And yes, it is possible to earn money for shopping. You simply need to enter stores, going to certain shelves, and make money. You can even earn money from anywhere by responding to surveys or by flipping through the catalogs of partners of Step In. There is a sponsorship system that will allow you to earn 75 points each time one of your downlines is registered and validates an entry into a partner store. Your collected points are redeemable for gifts.

3 – Take Survey (My Survey, Ask Gfk & Toluna)

This list includes top 3 paid survey applications which you can use to make money online. Although there are other well known sites with very good reputation, these 3 have good reviews. Visit each app, and select your preferred one. To make money with MySurvey, Ask Gfk or Toluna, you must create an account on their websites and then log in from the application (iPhone and Android).

  1. My Survey – MySurvey offers you to answer online surveys and earn between $1 and $5 per survey. It is reported that they paid more than $28 million to their members in 2014.
  2. Ask Gfk – Ask Gfk is a survey program created in 1934; it is one of the oldest paid programs on the internet. They have more than 10,000 employees and tens of thousands of active members. They will send you between 4 and 6 polls per month, and pay between $0.50 and $3.
  3. Toluna – You can make extra income with Toluna by sharing your opinion or taking surveys. This program has over 8 Million members from all over the world. They also have an application for iOS and Android. On Toluna you can earn money by responding to surveys or simply by sharing your thoughts with other members.

4 – AppBounty

AppBounty is an app that allows you to earn money simply by downloading applications and games. The application is available on Iphone and Android; there is also a web version accessible without downloading the application from a phone.

There is a section “Offers” where you can find all the applications to download to earn points and money: from $0, 05 to $0, 60 per downloaded apps. To earn your points you just need to download and run the application. There is also a section “Tasks” which contain tasks to do in order to win even more points. For example you can win 100 points (which equals about $0.20) to play a game. Registering for free on a partner site you win between 50 and 100 points.

5 – FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints is another app that pays you for testing / downloading applications. They have an app for iPhone and Android, but also a web version accessible from the web browser of your phone. The principle is simple; you download an application in the “Earn” section, open and use it for about 1 minute to receive your points. There are new apps to download every week. The referral system allows you to earn the equivalent of 50% of your referrals. You can withdraw your any time.

6 – CashCloud

CashCloud is not an ordinary application; it has plenty of potentials. It offers different concepts to make money online and allows you to get paid directly with a virtual MasterCard. You can therefore use the payments for direct transactions on all sites accepting MasterCard.

Members are allowed to make direct transfer from CashCloud account to their bank account. In addition, you can also send money between CashCloud users. On CashCloud you earn money by downloading applications (from $ 0.05 to over $1/ app), connecting your Facebook and twitter account ($ 0.50), or by taking advantage of CashBack offers for certain occasions: parties, balances, and others. The registration is accepted only on telephone (iPhone or Android); there is no version for computer as of today.

7 – CashPirate

You can make money online with CashPirate by testing applications or watching short videos. As of today, it is only available on Android. There are plenty of offers for members who want to make more money. The offers pay between $ 0.05 and $ 0.60; the amount paid depends greatly on the time spent to complete the tasks; usually 1 to 15 minutes. You can also reach level 4 in the games to earn more points. The referral program allows members to earn 10% of the earnings of direct referrals and 5% of the earnings of downline referrals. You can then exchange your points for money and use PayPal to cash out.Se puede utilizar PayPal sin tarjeta de crédito?

The big advantages of using apps to make money online fast is their fast and easy access; you can use them from anywhere thanks to your phone. For instance, you can enjoy your waiting time while earning money and gifts at the same time. Although the earning will not be enough for a living, you can surely use it to cover some expenses.

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