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5 Simple Business Ideas to Make a Fortune with Guitar

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5 Simple Business Ideas To Make A Fortune With Guitar

5 Simple Business Ideas To Make Money with Guitars

Some people turn their business ideas into a fortune. So can you; you just need the right idea or product and tools to succeed. And the right product can be anything, including guitar.

As most people do, when you hear the world guitar music comes to your mind. But do you know this very same sweet instrument could serve as a basis for a profitable business? Yes, you can make real money with guitars.Cuánto cuesta la guitarra española? | Superprof

Thanks to advanced technologies, today there are many apps which people can use to learn how to play guitar. But the market can be broader than that, and the more you expand it with your business the more money you will make. In this article you will discover 5 guitar business ideas you can use to make money.

5 Simple Guitar Business Ideas

1- Universal Flight Case
If you search Google you will find none or very few people get involved in creating or selling universal guitar cases. Although there are many cases compatible with shapes close to Gibson none is able to effectively protect the Fender, acoustic guitars, electric, hollow-body, classic, and others. No guitarist would love to buy a flight case for each of his guitars. So creating and selling universal cases is a great business with low competition but high profit margins.


2- Transform Scores in Tablatures in 3 clicks

Would not it be great to be able to transform a sheet music into an interactive tablature in Guitar Pro simply by photographing it? In fact, this system already exists. The software SmartScore X makes it possible to turn a scan into an interactive tablature. If you are a guitarist you can create your partition or any other musical product and use this SmartScore X to promote it.

3- Buy and Sell Guitars Online

Now thanks to the internet you can make money with almost any product you have. Selling guitars can be very profitable if you have a good supplier and a good marketing plan. You don’t even need to buy in stock or have a physical store; just do drop-sipping. For instance, you can open an e-store with Shopify and promote your guitars on facebook and Bing Ads. Every time buyers place orders you go on Alieexpress, you just buy the same guitar at a very lost cost and resale it at a much higher price. Not only will you sell to people who are learning how to play but also musicians who are changing their guitars.

4- Sell Customizable guitar straps

Do your own experience, Google “customizable guitar strap” for sale; very few people doing the business. Most people love and have guitars even if they don’t know how to play. If you don’t want to resell people’s products, you can develop or create your own brand. And a simple way to get started with your own brand is doing private label. If you don’t have a producer or supplier, just go on Alibaba, or elsewere, and search for one. You will surely find excellent professional distributors there to do business with.

5- Online Directory and Rehearsal Rooms

Today there are forums and directories for almost ever thing, but some topics are still not really exploited. You are guitarist? Why not create an online directory where guitarists from all over the world can meet and promote their products and services? Depending on where you live, you can also create a guitar business by renting rehearsal rooms. You can rent the same rooms for concerts and many other festivities.

In addition to these business ideas above, you can offer personal teaching service to people who are learning how to play guitar. You will not make a fortune offering private lessons but you can spend a few hours a week doing so to generate extra income.

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