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Alternative Cancer Treatment – Massage

by Mathew Marshall
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Alternative Cancer Treatment – Massage

It is widely regarded that the touch of another person can elicit positive response.  Humans need to touch and be touched.  Massage is a way of gently touching a person and it can provide for therapeutic benefits as well as increase relaxation and reduce stress.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Massage Therapists and the Future of Their Industry | Allure In fact, some alternative health care providers use massage therapy as a natural stress treatment. We will explore the use of massage as a technique to assist those who may be suffering from cancer.

Massage is not viewed as a treatment designed to directly address symptoms of cancer.  Rather it is viewed as a very effective technique to help patients to find some relief either from the symptoms of their disease or from traditional cancer therapies which may be used such chemotherapy or radiation.

When a person is undergoing cancer treatment, he/she has a heavy toxin load in their bodies. Massage can help to eliminate these extra toxins and help the body to achieve a very relaxed and comfortable state.


Other notable benefits of massage as it relates to cancer treatment include improved blood flow, more stable blood pressure as well as improvements in fatigue and nausea.  Depending on the health of the patient and the degree of treatment he/she is receiving, different levels of massage may be justified.

Some techniques apply deep pressure and use trigger points to stimulate the nervous system and other parts of the body.  Other types of massage are used primarily as a way to provide strong relaxation and peace of mind.  This is especially important for patients who are undergoing stressful times as part of their treatment.

In some cases cancer treatments can damage the lymph node system which can lead to a variety of problems.  One type of massage therapy called lymph drainage can help to alleviate these problems by moving the lymph fluid throughout the body and remove any blockages which may have been caused by the damage to lymph nodes and other parts of the lymphatic system.

Since each patient is unique in the type of massage which is appropriate for them it is important to work with a highly trained practitioner who understands the best methods to apply and when. Otherwise the therapeutic sessions can end up being painful and possibly damaging to the patient and his recovery.

But when used properly, massage can be a great way for patients to overcome much of negative effects of their treatment, provide for increased relaxation and reduced stress.  These patients will be better equipped to deal with the rigors of their treatment as well as gain a better quality of life.

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Massage therapists work in close concert with other medical professionals in order to provide a well-balanced and effective course of treatment for their patients.  It is important for them to understand many details of any particular case so they can apply the most suitable techniques for particular issues faced by the patient.  Most hospitals and medical facilities understand the importance and benefit of massage and are very open to their application.

So while not a miracle cure for cancer these techniques can nevertheless provide great relief and comfort to a wide variety of cancer patients.

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