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24 Millennial Ways of Communication, Style, and Preferences

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In the era of rapid technological advancements and digital connectivity, the millennial communication style and preferences have emerged as a fascinating phenomenon. Shaping the way individuals interact, express, and connect, millennial communication reflects a unique blend of traditional norms and contemporary technologies. This article delves into the distinctive characteristics that define how millennials communicate, their preferred styles of expression, and the underlying preferences that guide their interactions in today’s interconnected world.

Every generation has a preferred style of communication, so are the millennials. They have their communication style and preferences. Communication is important in everything we do and it does not matter how old a person is, their culture, age, race or religion. All of these groups have a different or special way of communicating. There are some specific ways to speak and connect with millennials and it will behoove you to learn them if you have any interest in holding their attention or communicating effectively.

Sure, you can speak to the millennials just as you would anyone else and they will understand you as most are highly educated. This does not mean they will pay attention or stay engaged just because they understand. Millennials get excited when you speak their language. It is probably because it makes them feel like you care and want to get to know them better. Who knows, you may decide to adopt some of their slang and idiosyncrasies because you think its cool.

In this post, you will learn 24 ways to speak and connect with the millennials, along with 15 FAQs about the millennial communication style and preferences.


Millennial24 of the Millennial Communication Style and Preferences

  1. Salty

This is their way of saying they are in a bad mood or they’re mad. Someone may have a serious attitude with you or someone else if they state they are salty it has nothing to do with the taste of food.

  1. Thirsty

the meaning of this is kind of funny because it makes you think that someone wants to drink but instead they are craving something Or too excited about a particular person or subject.

  1. Woke

Things have finally become real to you regardless if it is due to determination or fear. Older generations might compare this to wake up and smell coffee. Its when the lightbulb comes on.

  1. Sorry Not Sorry

You are letting someone know that you have no remorse for what you said or did.

  1. Netflix and Chill

When someone says this, They plan to turn on any kind of movie because there is no intention of seeing what’s on Netflix. They want to fool around.

  1. Yaaaaaaaas

This mean yes magnified a million times. 

  1. Bye Felicia

If someone is saying something you don’t care about or believe or they are leaving and it doesn’t make any difference to you. “Bye Felicia.”

  1. Slay

This has nothing to do with swords or dragons it means that you are doing something exemplary whether it’s the outfit you’re wearing, the speech you gave or your performance on the job.

  1. Turned Up, Turnt Up, Turn Up

Instead of saying you will or are having fun or an awesome time. Sometimes it means when someone is on  “10” and wound up.

  1. Sus

This is short for when someone is acting shady, suspicious or suspect.

  1. On Fleek

Is fleek even a word? I don’t know but with millennials it doesn’t matter because when something is “on point” it is  “on fleek” according to this generation.

  1. Spilling Tea

You are not making a mess or spilling your tea but you are for sure spilling something…….gossip!

  1. Lit

When someone is under the influence or if something exceptionally exciting.

  1. Hunty

They say this expression originated from drag queens but I cannot confirm or deny. If someone things they are pulling the wool over your eyes, they know you do not believe them when you call them hunty.

  1. Swerve

This usually means that someone does not want you around and you should leave ASAP. If they state someone is getting their “swerve on,” that has a different meaning and totally unrelated. Someone is flirting or having sex.

  1. The Struggle Is Real

You’re taking something seriously that someone else thinks is not serious or it is not as bad as you are making it out to be. When they say this to you, they are using sarcasm and making fun of you.

  1. Xennials

This is a word that even some millennials think is ridiculous however, it has been adopted as one of the slang words. Some of the older millennials born  between 1977 and 1983 did not feel they belonged in the gen-Exers or the millennials’ group so they devised this name.

  1. Bae

All they needed was one more letter and you would easily know that they were speaking of that one true love that comes before everyone else. Yaaaaaaas! This is short for babe or baby. You see, I’m catching on already! I guess it would take too much out of a person to use all four letters for their special one.

  1. Trolls

Although this word is often used in person, they are referring to jerks that say unpleasant things to people while they’re online.

  1. Bounce

We are not playing games and especially not with a ball. This is when you or someone else needs to leave immediately.

  1. Clap Back

When someone insults or disses you, you are going to get your revenge or have your say to put them in their place. This is when you “clap back.”

  1. Ratchet

This is when you describe someone (usually a woman) that has let themselves go in terms of their job, hair, weight, clothing an so forth. They are unable to keep it together or someone that is just off trail in some way. This word can sometimes be used in the same context as raunchy.

  1. I can’t even

We know, it is incomplete and therefore stands for anything you can’t even say, deal with or reality in general. They are sometimes referring to anything in the world that seems ridiculous, outrageous or insane. I can’t even………..

  1. Fire/Fiyah

This is not referring to anything burning but they definitely mean something or someone is hot! They could stating your hair or designer shoes are exquisite. Your funky style or even an idea. The sky is the limit here.

15 FAQs about the millennial communication style and preferences

  1. What defines millennial communication style?

Millennial communication style is characterized by a preference for digital platforms, such as texting, social media, and messaging apps. They often use a mix of text, images, emojis, and GIFs to express themselves.

  1. How do millennials differ in their communication compared to previous generations?

Millennials tend to communicate more through technology and are comfortable with informal language, while previous generations may have relied more on traditional methods like phone calls and formal writing.

  1. What role does social media play in millennial communication?

Social media is central to millennial communication, allowing them to share updates, connect with friends, and express opinions on a global scale.

  1. Do millennials prefer written communication over verbal communication?

Millennials tend to prefer written communication, as it offers the advantage of taking time to craft responses and allows for multitasking.

  1. How do millennials handle conflict in communication?

Millennials may sometimes avoid face-to-face confrontation and may address conflicts through text or online messages, which can lead to misunderstandings.

  1. What’s the significance of emojis and GIFs in millennial communication?

Emojis and GIFs are used to add emotional nuance to text-based communication, helping convey feelings and tone that can be challenging to express through words alone.

  1. Are millennials more open to sharing personal information online?

Millennials are generally more comfortable sharing personal information online, although attitudes can vary based on individual preferences for privacy.

  1. How has millennial communication influenced language and grammar?

Millennial communication has led to the evolution of new slang, acronyms, and informal language that might not adhere to traditional grammar rules.

  1. Is FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) a common aspect of millennial behavior?

Yes, FOMO is prevalent among millennials due to their constant connectivity and exposure to others’ experiences on social media.

  1. How do millennials approach job communication and interviews?

Millennials may prefer email communication for job-related matters and often research companies extensively online before interviews.

  1. Are millennials more socially conscious in their communication?

Many millennials are indeed socially conscious and use their communication platforms to advocate for causes they care about, such as environmental sustainability and social justice.

  1. How has the attention span of millennials affected communication?

Millennials’ exposure to quick, bite-sized content on social media has influenced their preference for shorter, concise communication.

  1. Do millennials value authenticity in communication?

Yes, authenticity is important to millennials. They appreciate genuine, unfiltered communication over overly polished or artificial interactions.

  1. How has remote work impacted millennial communication behavior?

Remote work has intensified reliance on digital communication tools, leading to an increase in virtual meetings, emails, and chat messages.

  1. Are face-to-face interactions still relevant to millennials’ communication preferences?

Yes, while digital communication is dominant, millennials still value face-to-face interactions for building deeper connections and resolving complex matters.

Remember that individual behaviors can vary widely within any generation, including millennials. This post provides a general overview of trends in millennial communication, style, and behavior…

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