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A New App which Helps You Find the Perfect Outfit

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New App to Help You Find the Perfect Outfit

From personal hobbies to sciences there plenty of apps to help people live better. But what about fashion, shouldn’t have an application to help us choose the right outfit? Yes. A new app, created by Fadstir, Inc, is not available which helps people find the perfect outfit for any circumstance.

Your dream to have an intelligent aid to guide you on the type of clothes to wear when going out in the afternoon or in the morning when you do not know what to wear is now a reality. Now there is a new app that shows you how to piece your outfits together so that you can dress elegantly all the time. Fashion and beauty finally connected.

You can download fadstir on your phone to help you find your best outfit of the day in your own wardrobe. But how is this possible? Well, the principle is simple; you create a profile on the app, where you enter a number of physical criteria such as the color of your skin, eyes, and the type of your morphology. After this, you then proceed to dressing stage.

new appYou can determine in this second part what clothes you already have in your wardrobe thanks to this new app database that lists your clothes you have available in your entire collection. However if the outfits you have available do not fit these criteria, the same application can help you find sellers that carry the exact matches you would need.


The application helps you dress like a star or like yourself; the choice is yours, you decide your style. This makes it ideal for people of different dressing style.

The role of this innovative invention is not only to advise you in term of fashion, but also help you avoid wasting time in searching and trying different clothes to determine what mach. Indeed, we have all spent long minutes (hours) in front of our closet, wondering “what am I going to put on me…?”.  Thanks to this app that time is over!

Once you have entered your criteria, like colors, cuts or themes, the application creates your outfit for the day or night, according to your taste. Snow, sunny or shine the app takes all relevant conditions into account and create an outfit that you might never be able to do on your own.

A multitude of outfit ideas are then offered to you according to external conditions and fashion criteria you want. You have a real personal shopper in your smartphone. This is a style matching app for people like you who have a general sense for the types of clothes they like, but are not sure how to put together outfits, and need help expanding their wardrobe.


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