Physalis is a genus of plants in the Solanaceae family. It is commonly called Love in a cage, Japanese Lantern (or hozuki in Japan), Chinese Lantern.

PhysalisThis family is naturally present in South America, North America (mostly Canada), Europe, Africa and the Far East (Japan). In Americas, due to its decorative properties, Physalis was particularly disseminated.

Physalis is an annual or perennial plant; sometimes slightly woody at the base. The leaves are entire or sinuate-toothed and the flowers usually solitary, growing in the leaf axils. Physalis surrounded by a bright orange cup like a lantern. It is used in floral art.

The fruits (berries wrapped a chalice) are generally toxic (red-orange berries) but in some species, once mature, they are edible (golden yellow berries), even exquisite and highly decorative. They are commonly called ground cherries.

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