Why You Need Power BI?

Power BI, The Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Cloud Solution

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Why You Need Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of Business Intelligence analytics tools that enable organizations to aggregate and analyze data from multiple sources (by unifying all data sources), as well as securely share information (insights) gained through analytics in the form of business intelligence tables.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is programming-1873854-1024x563.pngIt allows discovering the features, benefits and technical information such as price and availability. This solution focuses on self-service in order to enable all employees to understand the data and exploit it.

Data analysis can be very useful for businesses. Data can be transformed into actionable information to make better strategic decisions. However, these analyzes require some technical skills. In addition, even if a company recruits a Data Analyst capable of doing so, it is still necessary for the latter to be able to share the results of this work with the heads of the various departments that need the information to guide their decision. . That’s why analysts need to use Data Visualization and reporting tools.

What Makes Microsoft Power BI So Special?

Better than a simple Data Visualization solution, it allows Data Analysts to provide reports and analysis to their companies to increase their productivity and creativity. The Power BI Desktop tool allows users to combine data from many sources on site or in the cloud: databases, files, web services. Using the Gateways tool, it is possible to connect databases to give SQL, Microsoft Analysis Services models and many other data sources to a single dashboard.

These data can then be represented using visual tools to understand them, but also to automatically improve their quality (Data Quality) and to solve possible format problems. Basically, Microsoft has integrated more than twenty visuals. Office 365 es ahora Microsoft 365, una suscripción de por vida - CNET en EspañolThanks to a community of users who are very involved, there are also a large number of customized Dataviz, making it possible to create even more effective reports.

Dashboards provide a 360-degree view, update in real time, and allow all users (even without technical skills) to understand and leverage business data. A single click is enough to explore the data with intuitive tools available to as many people as possible and to extract actionable information.

Is Microsoft Power BI an integrated, multi-media solution?

Hundreds of popular applications are connected with Power BI, making it easy to create dashboards from data from these applications. In addition, Microsoft also offers prebuilt dashboards, allowing users to save even more time.

With Power BI mobile apps, you can access data and reports from anywhere with any mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Note that this application is automatically updated with each change made to the data.

The application is not only used to make beautiful graphics to present to the thinking heads of a company. For example, integrators like Umanis exploit this tool by associating it with a semantic search engine. By combining several tools, the service company was able to design a search engine of skills in a CV library filled with several thousand technical CVs. Power BI is used here to visually represent a candidate’s fields of competence in relation to a given mission.
Microsoft Power BI price and availability

For SMEs, Microsoft Power BI is offered free of charge. A more advanced version, BI Plus, is available to large companies by subscription. The solution is offered as an application to download on Windows 10 called Power BI Desktop. Power BI Mobile apps are available on iOS and Android. Finally, it comes in the form of SaaS (software as a cloud service) based on the web: Power BI Service.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is programming-593312-1024x683.jpg

The version available since May 2018 brings some novelties and especially a complete documentation concerning the GDPR. This allows companies to comply with the new European regulations as part of the configuration of the data visualization tool.

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