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6 Parenting Mistakes to Avoid in the Education of Your Children

by Delarno
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6 Parenting Mistakes to Avoid in the Education of Your Children

6 Parenting Mistakes Which Can Be Harmful

Parenting rules can differ from one culture to another, but there are certain basics that remain the same in almost all societies. Being a parent of one or more children is not easy. If the education of a child is a complex thing, family discipline is even more primordial; certain mistakes can have a big impact.

In this article you will discover 5 common parenting mistakes to avoid if you want the success of your children without taking parenting classes.

  1. Give too many choices

Many parents think that children should always have endless choices, when in reality, children can be overwhelmed when they have so many options. A goof parenting applies think and decide what good for your children. Avoid trying to make them happy by giving too much of what they do not really need. This is spoiling.

When you do so to a child you put in his mind the belief that owning things leads to happiness. In fact, the child will never be satisfied with what he or she has, and eventually this will lead to dependencies and compulsions. Studies have shown this behavior may not be a good parenting style.


  1. Oppose to All Form of Autonomy

As a child grows, he tends to show his autonomy by seeking to decide and act alone. This is even truer for high-potential children who access these demands for autonomy much earlier than their peers. As a parent, It is a good idea to do your best to subdue all form of opposition of your child, but It is important to remember that some children do not obey without thinking and questioning. Do not expect a “yes daddy” promptly. Most of the times, it is not the case.

You can also realize a distant behavior where the child wants to be alone. Although this can be a bad sign (drug use for instance) it can also be nothing but a period of transition between childhood and adulthood. Instead of insisting on his presence, you can advise him to fill his time by learning something, learning a new language for instance.

  1. “Oppose All form of Opposition”

Some children tend to discuss everything about everything, which can be very stressful for certain parents. Some parenting classes indicate the fact a child is curious does not mean he/she is disrespectful. At a very young age, smart children demand a margin of negotiation from their parents. To help you stay the course, determine with your spouse new rules or means in order to adapt to the change. For instance, you can come with an immutable rule which carries certain punishment. It is important that all these non-negotiable rules are known to him in advance. He will respect them much better.

  1. Hold Your Sanctions

Even more than any other child, a child that starts showing signs of disobedience or disrespect needs clarity in the rules and sanctions in case he/she does not respect them. Every punishment must be safe and for his own well-being. You will lose credibility if you do not execute your threats. You must therefore choose your “fights” and aim for applicable sanctions. If he spots your faults, he will never forget them. Children do not forget.

  1. Have An Answer for Everything

If you have a high potential child you can realize he/she is naturally curious and needs a response to her/his thirst for learning. However, we cannot know everything. Sometimes it is better to confess your ignorance as a parent rather than to make up an approximate answer. It could lead to embarrassment sooner or later, which would make you lose your credibility before your child.

  1. Over-congratulating

Remember, over congratulation can be dangerous. Congratulate your children for everything they do is not a wise thing to do. It is very common now to see children who are almost drug addicts of praise. They will not do anything unless there is a “praising-gain” for them.

There are different parenting styles you can adopt along with your local tradition to make the education of your children a success. This article offers just a general view of common mistakes even good parents tend to make.

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