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Bracelet to detect warning signs of depression

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Bracelet to detect warning signs of depression

A Bracelet to Detect Warning Signs of Depression

A bracelet to detect warning signs of depression will soon be available. Patients and medical doctors will work together to detect the disorder from its early stage.

We all go through different phases of life which causes psychological trauma, sadness, sorrow, and grief. All of these can lead to major depressive disorder in some people. The problem is the fact majority of us are not fully aware of the depression until severe symptoms start emerging. But this problem can be very soon solved.

A study was conducted in France to find the potential ICT based solution for an early detection and monitoring of major depression. Indeed, the researchers discovered they can use an ICT-based bracelet to do exactly that. This new innovative diagnostic tool will start being tested by next year.

signs of depressionBy early February, Dr Philippe Nuss, Head of Psychiatry at the Hospital Saint Antoine, Paris, will start testing it to identify the warning signs of depression. “This bracelet is designed to raise the alarm when mental health falters,” said the doctor in Le Parisien, a French daily newspaper which covers both international and national news.


The sensors of this bracelet, called Myndblue, will detect and record various physiological and behavioral data such as sleep time, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, body acidity, and mental activities such as warning signs of depression. Detection of events or changes in the mental environment of the carrier indicating warning signs of depression will then lead to a corresponding output.

Thanks to an algorithm developed by the two creators, the data will be sorted and interpreted by a physician. “Specialists will retrieve the data on their computer or smartphone. They will receive alerts that may indicate early signs of depression in their patients”, states Fompeyrine Denis, one of the developers of Myndblue.

The objective of this diagnostic bracelet is help medical professionals and patients work together to prevent chronic development or relapse of major depression. This will not only facilitate the task of the physicians but also increase the confidence of the patients knowing that they are taking part in their recovery.

The two entrepreneurs have already filed two patents and, besides Dr Philippe Nuss, were surrounded by a committee of experts including Professor Raphael Gaillard, head of the psychiatry division of the Saint-Anne hospital in Paris. They (the entrepreneurs) are looking to raise funds from business and interested companies to quickly put the product on the market to provide it to users and prescribers.

“We must act quickly because the demands increase says the MyndBlue CEO. Since the attempts in November and with its psychological impact on the population, the immediate demands were multiplied by ten and by 100 for short-term needs. “Considering the number of people who commit suicide every year due to clinical depression, this approach can be life-saving.

It is crucial for friends and family to support a loved one affected by severe clinical depression. But what if there is a mean to detect the disorder from its genesis and prevent it from becoming severe? This is exactly, some experts believe, this new simple diagnostic tool can do. Maybe very soon warning signs of depressions will be easily detected and treated like common flu. For more info, please visit Warning signs of Depression.

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