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Alternative Cancer Therapy – Sound Therapy

by Mathew Marshall
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Alternative Cancer Therapy – Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is a very well established type of alternative cancer therapy which uses vibrational sound to lower stress, pain and help the patient to achieve a deep sense of peace.  It can be very effective in lowering the pain patients experience after treatments like chemotherapy.  Let’s explore this interesting topic further.

A popular type of sound therapy uses what are known a Tibetan bowls.  These emit a unique sound and it has been found to be of benefit in many areas.

When we are awake and active, our brain waves are in what is known as the beta frequency.  Sound therapy can help the brain to move into a deeper alpha and theta brain wave frequency.

If the brain can enter these frequencies, it will experience a very relaxed and peaceful state of mind.  Patients also report excellent clarity of thought and focus.


As an alternative cancer therapy, sound therapy can have important benefits in helping cancer patients to achieve a relaxed state and one which is free of pain, stress and discomfort.  It is an excellent way to improve a patient’s quality of life.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ia_0077_why-sound-therapy-is-the-new-mindfulness_lt_header-1024x541.jpg

So while sound therapy is not intended to be a replacement for traditional cancer treatments in addressing the disease directly it can be very helpful in treating some of the physical and emotional impacts of the disease and its common treatments.

Sound therapy can include many kinds of sounds.  As indicated earlier the use of Tibet bowls is popular technique to help patients to achieve a good sense of relaxation and well-being.  This can be especially important in helping cancer patients to recover from surgery and therapies like chemotherapy much faster and with greater success.

This is because the patient can have less stress and be able to focus more attention on the business of getting better.  Their emotional state can be greatly improved such that they want to get better.  This is very important since depression is a common problem associated with cancer patients.

Sound therapy can encompass other kinds of sound.  The right kind of music for example can bring the patient into a very relaxed and enhanced state.  The choice of music is individual and must be chosen carefully.

But there are some wonderful resources for Tibetan bowl sound therapy.  Recordings have been made to focus on certain sounds and frequencies of sound which appear to have great success in bringing people to desired states of consciousness.

Some sessions are also implemented by a trained practitioner who can modify or customize the sounds to achieve specific goals.  But many people who use these techniques believe that they provide great benefit in helping them to reduce pain, increase relaxation and decrease stress.

These techniques do not appear to have any negative effects and should therefore be used for most applications.  It is always a good idea to check with your medical professional first however before starting any new course of treatment.  But this type of therapy is based on thousands of years of success so it is worth considering.

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