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102 year-old lady gets arrested on her birthday, here is why

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102 year-old lady gets arrested

102 year-old woman gets arrested on her birthday to realize her wildest fantasy

Edie Simms has always dreamed of being arrested and handcuffed by a police officer.  At 102years old, the Missouri woman, was indeed handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car to fulfill her dream.

Edie Simms was able to realize her wish and be handcuffed Friday as a birthday gift. While being handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser is a sad moment for most people, it was maybe the happiest ride for Edie.

Being 102, Simms has surely experienced incredible things. She had time to realize a lot of wishes. But she had not yet achieved one of her greatest (and strangest) dream: that of being handcuffed by a police officer. Edie always wanted to experience “the thrill of arrest,” she says to Fox News.

Esta anciana de 102 años quiso ser arrestada para cumplir su extraña y particular lista de deseos | Upsocl


Last Friday September 30 (2015), on the occasion of her birthday, the Centennial was surprised to receive a weird gift, and celebrate her birthday in a unique manner that would become viral.

Without having committed any crime, she was embedded in the back of a police car. “Could you handcuff me?” She politely asked the police officers. Sirens wailing, the grandmother was able to enjoy a thrill ride. Her road was not completed at the police station, but at a “Five Star” communal center for the elderly.

Once arrived there, the handcuffed grandma was welcomed by residents, friends, and family members. She had a great party and had fun with others. She was able to put a police cap on and pose for pictures. It seems Grandma was waiting for a moment like this.

You want to know who organized the Event?

It is the director of the center, Michael Howard, who decided to make this original gift to the centenary. He considers Edie as one of the main benefactors of the center; she regularly makes gifts to the residents. He invited the police and organized this very unique program.

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