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15 Habits of Super-Healthy People

by Dan Cuesta
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Have you ever looked around people outside and spotted some of them that immediately reflects right through their gestures and vibes that those people are healthy ones? Being healthy equates to happiness as they say. There is no better way to describe super healthy persons than to see how happy they are. But do not get us wrong here, happiness is not about laughing on the outside, and so being healthy too, they both came from what is inside of us. You might think people who are successful in their chosen profession with a lot of money and a happy family are the ones candidates to be so-called super-healthy people. That is never the case. If you want to know how to achieve being holistically healthy then we list down for you the 15 habits of super-healthy people that most people take no notice of.

  1. Hack Happiness Chemicals

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Boost your dopamine hormone by rewarding yourself whenever you accomplish a task, get your favorite food, visit a spa or celebrate your little wins.  Hugging for at least 8 seconds releases your love hormones –the oxytocin. Lift your daily oxytocin by simply playing with dogs, babies and even just doing a holding hand gesture with someone. Improve your mood through meditating, exercising, and walking with nature by releasing your serotonin chemical. This chemical can be elevated with just enjoying the sunshine. Pain killer chemical endorphin may not be the least you need in a day. Do workouts, eat dark chocolates or a simple laugh may do.

  1. Stay Away from Electronics

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In the 21st century world, people are merely dependent on electronic screens. Constant exposure to electronics over a prolonged period could badly affect the heart, sleep, digestion, and emotions. Cortisol or the stress-releasing hormone is at a high level whenever we spend so much time with electronics. Take some time away from your gadgets or computers. At least look away from your screens after every 20 seconds.


  1. Exercise

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Sweat contains toxins and other by-products that a body should release. Sweating is common with vigorous activities such as exercise. But there is so much more than sweating and body toning in exercise. Hitting the gym or a simple brisk walking in the park help boost your happy hormones and improve your sex life. Exercise has many holistic benefits down to the physiological aspects.


  1. Dodge Procrastination

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Procrastination is the act of irrationally delaying tasks. It is common to people across ages. As early as toddler years, we tend to procrastinate at things we find difficult to accomplish. This is due to some stress we feel when we are about to do the task. Another feeling of low confidence or self-esteem that you can accomplish the task is another factor. Although procrastination tends to tap on your emotional and mental level, the good news is, you can fight back procrastination. If you are into journaling, you may opt to create a to-do list for the day. With this checklist of tasks to be accomplished, you may set to start with the priority tasks (whether difficult or not). This will avoid you doing the easiest yet not-so-important task on the list. Once your checklist has been accomplished, don’t forget to reward yourself. Remember, rewarding yourself even on your smallest wins helps boost your dopamine hormone.

  1. Rehydrate

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Yes, we understand, everybody loves coffee! But hydrating does not count on the flavored drinks and caffeine you pour into your body, we are talking about just water. Water is essential for a variety of reasons, including regulating body temperature, preventing infections, delivering nutrients to cells, and keeping organs functioning properly. Sleep quality, cognition, and happiness are all improved by being hydrated. Body fluids from drinking water are released through sweats and urine and even through poops. And we must refill what was lost in the process in order for our body to function continuously. Experts also suggest that drinking water in the morning before breakfast keeps the tummy flat and aids in the day’s digestion. Drinking another glass of water before taking a shower helps your body regulate your blood pressure. So even at the busiest time of the day, in front of your computers, drink water and stay hydrated.


  1. Have Breakfast

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Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories all day long. It also provides you with the energy you require to complete tasks and aids your concentration at work or school. Skipping breakfast might throw your body’s fasting and eating routine off. When you first wake up, your blood sugar level is normally low, which makes it difficult for your muscles and brain to function properly. It is replenished with breakfast. These are just a handful of the many reasons why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


  1. Be Fond of Learning New Things

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Those who are the most adept at picking up new talents are the ones that continuously succeed. With that in mind, there are countless valuable things to learn that will improve your life — both personally and professionally — in your spare time. There are lots of positive reasons to learn new things than to sit in front of the television and eat popcorn. By spending your time learning new things, you get to enhance the quality of your life. Another good reason is whenever you do the thing you are learning, you simply relieve yourself of a certain amount of stress by enjoying what you are currently doing. Doing so may lead to your mental well-being while having fun in the process. Through the route, you also gain confidence once new skills and knowledge has been added to your list.

  1. Sleep Well

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Sleeping with 7-8 hours at night sounds a great deal. But sleeping with an ample amount of time does not equate to how you feel when you wake up. If you do not feel refreshed, you most likely require more sleep. Sleeping well entails getting enough rest. The amount of sleep required varies from person to person. Sleeping sound at night helps cells rejuvenate and repair themselves. So we must aim for better sleep than longer ones. Avoid distractions when sleeping such as electronics, lights, and noises. There are also essential oils, scented candles, Himalayan Salt Lamps, and humidifiers available at the market that induce better sleep. You may opt to replace your curtains with total block-out curtains to block out every last bit of light, help your bedroom stay temperature-controlled, and quieten outside noise.

  1. A daily dose of vitamins and zinc

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Amid pandemic, which is in the present day, boosting your immune system is essential. One way of making sure you get the vitamins and minerals your body needs is to take in your over-the-counter vitamins. Experts suggest that vitamin C with zinc is potent against the existing Covid-19. If not sure what vitamins to get on pharmacy, you may opt to supplement your plates with meals rich in vitamin C, zinc, and other minerals.



  1. Choose your Battles

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No other things are more stressful than allotting time to negative things. There are things meant to let alone and things that require your response. Choose always to come up with a solution to every arising problem and do not dwell on that for a long time. This may save you a lot of valuable time and release you from tangling stress that could cause several health problems in the future.



  1. Eat Healthy and Moderately

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Anything that is too much is risky. Therefore, eating a balanced meal must be practiced. A balanced meal is consists of the right amount of food, variety, and nutrition from proteins, carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables. This may sound very kindergarten, but adults do need to impose balanced meals to avoid future health problems, maintain digestion and provide the body its needs to function well. It is okay to eat sugary foods but with limitations. Remember that each gender, height, weight, and age requires a different calorie intake in a day.


  1. Check the Back Labels

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In this innovative society where almost anything is like-a-bat-out-of-hell such as the existence of convenience stores and grocery stores, you may be wondering what consists your brought products. Items from grocery stores and convenience stores are packed with their own “nutritional value” labels at the back. Take some time to review the calorie count, fats, sugar, and other contents of the products before you check them out of the counter. In this way, you have the freedom to choose products that contain the greater value of nutrients your body needs. Of course, do not forget to check into the expiration date of each item too.

  1. Create a solid social network

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Building a reliable and strong social network is not about what you do in networking companies. Creating your social circle entails keeping close of your most reliable persons whether they are your families, friends, or co-workers. It is like creating connections where you can express your opinions and seek meaningful relationships that are two-way. As they utter, not all friends and families are worth keeping. Staying away from toxic people and the stressful atmosphere contributes to how holistically healthy you are as a person. Keeping your social circle small is beneficial too. But remember to always execute professionalism when dealing with people outside of your circles.

  1. Smoking Stinks

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A stressful environment can lead to some people engaging in smoking. Hitting on cigarettes causes a lot of organ damages and health problems related to the brain, bones, heart, lungs, reproduction, and skin. Studies show that smoking can cause the deadliest cancer.



  1. Pay attention to your body

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Whether something is to your body physically or emotionally, there is a great chance that if not addressed properly, could lead to greater damage on you holistically. Listen to what your body says time after time. Be mindful of the things that bother you and come up with a solution to them. It is critical to understand when your body requires rest and when it is still good to go. Healthy people are in tune with their bodies and pay attention to signs that tell them when they are hungry, thirsty, irritated, or about to get sick. You can better supply your body’s needs by paying closer attention to your energy and how it feels overall.

The goal of being a super-healthy person is not limited to engaging in strenuous exercise or adhering to a strict diet or checking all these on the list in a day or two. Staying healthy, on the other hand, boils down to your daily behaviors and habits.

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