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7 Interesting Facts about Babe, the Talking Pig, You Didn’t Know

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7 Interesting Facts about Babe, the Talking Pig, You Didn't Know

If you are one of those people who enjoyed “Babe” you may remember every single detail about the film, but here are 7 Interesting Facts about Babe, the Talking Pig Movie, You Didn’t Know:


The idea came in 1986 after the producer and co-writer, George Miller, sat on a long plane flight from Sydney to London near a woman who was laughing hilariously at Dick King-Smith’s book, “The Sheep-Pig.”

Right after the trip, he purchased the book, and immediately began negotiating with King-Smith for the rights to produce the movie. The negotiation took years before an agreement is reached.



Even after the co-author, Dick King-Smith, finally accepted to produce the movie, it took years of waiting before the idea can become a reality due to the fact there was no technology to transform the vision into a real film…


The film was temporary banned in Malaysia because the word “Babe” is considered vulgar in the country. But some agencies believe the main reason behind the ban was because Pork is considered as an “unclean animal (Deuteronomy 14:8) in most Muslim countries, including Malaysia.


There are about 500 animals in the movie, which include pigs, dogs, cats, sheep, cows, horses, goats, ducks, mice, and pigeons.


Christine Cavanaugh is the voiceover actress who voices the role of Babe in the film. She also voiceovers in other well known movies such as “Rugrats” (as Chuckie Finster) and “Dexter’s Laboratory” (as Dexter).


At the time of release, the film cost $20 million, though some reports estimate it at up to $30 million, earned $64 million in North America and $254 million worldwide.


The film receives many nominations, up to for seven Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Director (for Chris Noonan), Best Adapted Screenplay (for Miller and Noonan), and Best Art Direction.


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