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Best Hairstyles for Your Hair Type, Men and Women

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Have you ever thought about the best hairstyles for your hair type? Everyone does not have the same head, facial features, and hair type, so the right hairstyle for Even may not go well with Sandra. Even if your hair type is somewhat similar to another person, the same hairstyle may not look good on both of you because of the different shapes of your face. There are several factors that make a hairstyle look suitable for different people however, your hair type is one of the most important factors.

In this post, we have compiled the most common hairstyles that look best for different hair types. You will learn about the best hairstyles for your face and hair type.

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1. Hairstyles for Very Curly Hair
If you have curly hair you should consider minimal with styling. Very curly hair is already styled naturally and you just need to pin them up or cut properly to enhance your face shape. The only hair product required for curly tresses is a leave-in conditioner that helps to maintain the bounce and shine of your locks.
Style 1 – You can pile them up on the top and let some curly strands fall lose.
Style 2 – Add a center or side parting and let your curly tresses loosely hang.
Style 3 – These look good when tied in a ponytail.
Style 4 – Take some strands from the front and tie them at the back using a clutch or a clasp.
Style 5 – Men should consider the type of curls they have which will help in deciding if you should get a fade, rounded or square cut.

2. Hairstyles for Wavy Hair
Wavy hair is in-between curly and straight. Wavy hair can look good when kept natural but you sometimes need to give it a sense of direction, especially men. If you are a man with wavy hair you should opt for shorter hair in the back and on the sides but leave the top longer. This will give keep your hair from looking animalistic as well as add some direction to your waves. Men and women can add definition by using a generous amount of leave-in conditioner when the hair is still damp. Next, blow dry the hair using a large-barrel curling iron.
Style 1 – Pile your wavy hair on the top in a messy bun and let some strands fall lose.
Style 2 – Let them fall lose naturally.
Style 3 – Half tie them at the back with a clasp or a clutch.
Style 4 – Half braid from the front, collect at the back and secure with a band. Let the rest fall lose.
Style 5 – Tie them up in a ponytail loosely.


3. Hairstyles for Flat Hair
Flat hair if thick and silky can look great but often people with flat-hair get bored of the same hairstyle and want to experiment. If your hair is thick and bouncy, then you should just maintain it that way by regular trimming. If you have limp and scanty flat hair, then you should opt for a volumizing shampoo. Some men are concerned about flat hair but it can be favorable because it is easy to manage. Men can keep their hair from being limp and looking dead by choosing the correct length and hairstyle. Longer hair is a good choice for men and it will add body.
Style 1 – Half tie your hair at the back with a clasp or a clutch.
Style 2 – Braid small segments of your hair from the front and take them at the back. Secure them with a band or a clasp. You can add a variation by making a bun at the back or braiding the braided segments again. Do not thin out your long flat hair with layers. Instead, opt for a haircut that adds volume and thickness.
Style 3 – Leave them open and wear a hair band.
Style 4 – A ponytail looks classy with flat hair.
Style 5 – Tie a messy bun.

best hair styles

4. Hairstyles for Chemically Straightened Hair
You may have had your hair chemically treated to straighten your wavy or curly hair. Now that your hair is straight, you need proper maintenance. You can do so by using a good sulphate-free shampoo. Be reluctant when it comes to applying a lot of heat with blow dryers, flat irons and curlers. Let your hair fall naturally and loosely as often as possible. If you must use heat to style your hair be sure to use heat protectants regularly. Once your hair is straightened, you can try all the hairstyles previously mentioned for people with flat hair as well as the versatility you’ll using curling or flat irons.

5. Hairstyles for Frizzy and Dry Hair
If you have frizzy hair, you should use a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one to maintain the bounce of your curls. Silk pillowcases cause less friction on hair while sleeping. Less friction results in less frizz. Both men and women should use some type of moisturizing shampoo or conditioner to reduce dryness.
Style 1 – Tie up your frizzy hair in a bun on the top or to the and let some strands fall lose. This will help hide most of your frizzy hair.
Style 2 – Use a generous amount of leave-in conditioner and styling gel to give a straight and sleek look to your hair.
Style 3 – Braid your hair to conceal the frizz.

6. Hairstyle for Greasy Strands
If you have greasy hair or if your scalp gets greasy quite often, then you must remember to apply serums or hairsprays from midway down to the ends only. Do not let the serum touch the scalp. Avoid touching your hair often as the natural oils from the fingertips spreads to the rest of the hair, making it all look quite greasy.
Style 1 – Leave your hair open and lose the day you wash your hair when it is very fresh.
Style 2 – Consider braiding your hair if it is looking very greasy.
Style 3 –Using a dry shampoo on your scalp will assist in soaking up some of the natural oils.

7. Hairstyles for Very Thick Hair
If you have very thick hair, then leaving it lose is not always an option. You must use the thickness of your hair to your advantage. Both men and women should get their hair styled with layers and angles to give a thinner hair appearance. Get a face-framing feathery layered haircut.

Style 1 – Braid hair in different ways to give a unique look to your face.
Style 2 – Make two ponytails.
Style 3 – Make one ponytail and then braid it again.
Style 4 – Tie a neat bun at the back below and secure it tightly with a band.
Style 5 – Braid thin strands of hair from the front through the entire length. This will give you a classic look and also help to manage the thickness of your hair.

Different hair types and ethnicity need different styling tips. You will also have to consider the shape of your face before choosing a hair style. If you have gray locks, ask your stylist to hair coloring advice or a hairstyle that compliments the gray tresses. Many people go for light highlights to camouflage the gray in their hair.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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