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15 Stress and Pain Relief Techniques that Always Work

by Delarno
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Fifteen stress and pain relief techniques to help you manage stressful situations and moderate pain. Stress is slowly turning into an epidemic in today’s world with little children also being diagnosed and suffering from this horrific problem.

Lifestyle disorders, peer pressure, gadgets, deadlines, toxic relationships and many other factors lead to stress. It is a condition that when the body takes too much tension regarding a particular issue and feels anxious, fatigued, unhappy and panicky. The dangers of stress are many, but when tackled at an early stage, one can prevent a lot of problems. Stress is best nipped in the bud without letting it develop into additional health issues.

In this post, you will learn about 15 simple and effective stress and pain relief techniques that always work in managing moderate pain and stressful situations.




  1. Music

Music is great therapy for your heart and soul. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by a stressful situation, try relaxing by listening to some good music. It has a calming effect on your mind and brings positive vibes. It can also lower your blood pressure and reduce cortisol, a hormone that in high levels increases stress. Any kind of soothing music, country classic or even sounds of oceans can help you relax.

  1. Vent

It really helps you to relieve stress if you talk it out with a friend. Do not bottle up stressful thoughts in your head or harsh feelings in your heart for a long time as they can increase your blood pressure and may cause you to have cardiac problems or other health issues. Good friends can not only guide you and try to give you a solution, but they are good listeners. Sometimes, you just need a good and comforting ear so you can vent and relieve stress.

  1. Exercise

Any form of exercise will work wonders to reduce your stress levels. Exercise releases endorphins, a feel-good hormone, in the body. With increased levels of endorphins, you will feel better and stress-free. Any form of exercise such as working out in the gym, swimming, dancing, or even jogging and walking can help.

  1. Meditate

stress and pain reliefWhenever you are in a stressful situation, try meditating to alleviate the symptoms. Just sit back, relax and take deep breaths. Try to concentrate on your breath as you inhale and exhale. It is a good idea to spend a few minutes in meditation every day in the mornings. This practice of making your mind free from any kinds of thoughts will eventually help you de-stress better.

  1. Reduce Screen Time

Some may feel that idle scrolling of their smart phones helps them de-stress, but the fact is that it only forces your mind to be alert and active, when actually, you need to stay free from all kinds of gadgets in a stressful situation. Following other people and watching their activity on the social media is stressful. It is best to limit screen time and not get influenced by your social media too much.

  1. Go Out With Friends

In the virtual world of today, physical interactions have become less and digital relationships are on the rise but these do not give you real happiness. When you are stressed, try going out and enjoying some time with your friends. A few hours of idle chit-chat and laughter will prove to be the best anecdote for your stress.

  1. Supplements

Sometimes, stress can get triggered due to some vitamin or mineral deficiency in the body. Simple prescriptions can help you feel happy again. Ask your therapist to prescribe some essential supplements like L-theanine and B Vitamins that can help you feel normal and happy again. Melatonin is an excellent supplement at nighttime for stress and it helps you sleep.

  1. Cry

One of the best and proven stress-relief techniques is to cry your heart out. You may cry out aloud at home or in front of a good friend. Crying helps you release all the pent-up negativity that you have held inside and helps you feel happy again.

  1. Journaling

This is one of the latest and most proven techniques to relieve pain and stress. You must make it a habit to jot down all your negative thoughts in a journal and then burn the page. Another method is to make a comparison chart of all the positive things in your life and all the negative things in your life. This will make you see the brighter side of your life. You can also write about some possible ways to solve your current situation and then you will find yourself working towards it with a renewed vigor.

  1. Self-Care

A stressful situation can make you feel dejected and sad. One of the best ways to pump in happiness and positivity inside is to get into a regime of self-care. Get a gym membership and start working out because you will look better and feel better. Go for a sauna and spa session or book an appointment at a salon for some grooming. Using some self-care tips to pamper yourself will help you to de-stress.stress and pain relief

  1. Nature Therapy

In Japan, the doctors often prescribe Forest Therapy to anyone who is depressed or stressed. Forest therapy reduces cortisol in our bodies, making us happier and less anxious. Just taking a relaxing and calming walk in the forest can be help reduce stress.

  1. Spending Time with Pets

Pets have a genuine way of de-stressing and soothing a human beings mind. Playing with your pet can have therapeutic benefits on your mind and body. Just cuddle your pet or take it for a walk in the park to relax.

  1. De-Clutter

Surprisingly, cleaning has a very de-stressing effect on your mind. As you declutter your cupboards and homes and remove junk, you will find your mind getting rid of anxious thoughts too. It has a very relaxing impact on your mind. Furthermore, when you clean something vigorously, you can think of all pent-up negativity emotions inside. You will find yourself a lot calmer after you finish cleaning.

  1. Sip Green Tea

Green tea contains little caffeine and more L-theanine and EGCG. These amino acids increase your resilience to stress. It also increases your alpha brainwave activity that happens even when you meditate. Sipping a cup of green tea will definitely bring down your stress levels and calm you.

  1. Stay away from Tobacco, Nicotine and Alcohol

These three vices are the biggest contributors to stress. Alcohol and nicotine may give you a momentary stress relief, but they bring back the stress in amplified levels as soon as their effect wears off. Do not get into the habit of taking any of these, instead, practice healthy, clean eating and drinking. Drinking alcohol is damaging to your body physical and mental health.

Stress and pain relief techniques are more lifestyle based. If you want to de-stress and get relief from pain, follow a healthy, happy and clean lifestyle and you will eventually see the difference.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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