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10 Blazer Simple Ideas to Help you choose, and above all, wear it well

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10 Simple Tips to Choose and Wear Men’s Blazer

Blazer is a cross jacket similar to that of a suit-vest usually adorned with metal buttons. First, it was worn mostly in social situations such as informal garden parties (social events generally held outdoors on a lawn or in a garden), sports events, recreation and weekend outings. But as time passes, it is becoming more common to see it worn in other occasions with T-shirt, boots, and others.


It is originally a nautical club jacket. In particular, the cross blazer is derived from the short jackets of the 19th century navy. The term derives from the verb blaze which means shine, ignite. The reason is because the term was used in the nineteenth century to designate red blazers, flamboyant red jackets of the rowing club of St John’s College of the University of Cambridge.University of Cambridge - Wikipedia

Today icon of masculine elegance, blazers are convenient to go to work as well as going out for a drink with a friend, business colleague, family member, or a date.


What to wear with a blazer?

This type of jacket is one of the easiest to wear. It does not require any special skill, and is very well suited to solid and cheap basics.

Here are some clothing association ideas that have proved their worth:

  • Sober tee-shirts, with possible print, perfect with men’s slim fit blazers
  • Scoopneck Tshirt, or deep round neck, + shirt +blazer
  • regular Shirts, with twisted collar if necessary, + blazers jackets
  • Checked shirts match very well blazers jackets
  • Cardigan or type of knitted garment + shirt + jacket
  • V neck tee-shirt + V-neck sweater + blazer
  • Hoodie, preferably of a sober color, + blazer.

Occasions Convenient to Wear Blazer

Blazer is one of the most versatile parts of a wardrobe.  Like shirt, it is convenient for almost all circumstances. It can accompany a quasi formal shirt, as well as a very casual outfit to a variety of events. The facts that there are many variations, it can therefore be worn all year round.  It is certain that a blazer is an investment for years. It is a piece of clothing that you can wear in many circumstances and keep it for several years.Purchase > casual sport coat look, Up to 64% OFF

Recognizing a good Blazer

Buying a blazer can be an average or big expense, depending on your taste, preference, or the quality you are looking for. Therefore, you must pay attention to certain points to avoid unnecessary mistakes. But remember, there is nothing complicated. Regardless of your taste there is one out there for you, from cheap to expensive.

Single, double or three-button?

For your first blazer, the single or double button should have priority over three-button jackets the fact they are more difficult to assemble and less modern. Three-button jackets are also more convenient for mature men. In addition, pay attention to these details:

  • Material: avoid synthetic fibers that do not breathe. You can turn to cellulosic fibers, light and brittle for summer; cotton, linen or protein fibers for warmer seasons; wool, sometimes mixed with cashmere or Silk, for winter and mid-season.
  • Buttons: the material and quality of the buttons (mother of pearl, wood, horn, etc.) as well as the buttonholes (often sewn) will be very representative of the quality of your jacket. Having buttons on the sleeve can greatly improve the elegance.
  • Cutting: all cuts must be appropriate and well fit. Remember that the shoulders should break clean, without wrinkles and finish on the other side. Otherwise, the bend of your blazer must remain intact even if it is open (no folds again).
  • The waist: when it comes to the length, your jacket must fall, maximum, to mid-buttocks. A blazer too long will tamp your silhouette. The sleeves, on the other hand, must stop at the wrist bone (the ulna) to allow the wrist of the shirt to protrude. To ensure that the body of the jacket is also the right size, you should be able to place a closed fist between your torso and the upper button.

Note: sleeves of the shirt should protrude slightly from the sleeves of the blazer (1 to 2 cm).

Assortment ideas

Before going further, allow me to warn you against black blazers. Too dark, the complexion tends to tarnish and age badly: the dye is slowly faded even when the jacket would remain in good shape overall. Also avoid unmatching, tone on tone is more delicate to realize.

First look: casual

The idea here is to assemble a jacket to a very casual set. Polo t-shirts, sneakers, or jeans usually go well with men’s slim fit blazers. Just make sure your shirt is clearer to maintain the depth of your assortment.

• Second look: casual-chic

This category is the most common.  A Neapolitan shoulder blazer (or natural shoulders) can complement a shirt that is lighter. By the way, depending on your taste, suede moccasins or casual boots are very suitable for this category, although not always obvious to wear. In short, choose what makes make you feel good in your skin.


You will have to press your blazer but be careful not to do so too often. Avoid washing process or using detergents that include solvents which can be harmful to the fibers of your jacket. In case of smell, you can aerate it outdoors from time to time or place it in your bathroom during your shower; the steam will rinse the fibers and get rid of the smell.Guide to Press Cloths - Threads Or during the day, but not expose it to bright sunlight, you can put your jacket on a thick hanger without twisting it, the opposite could deform it.

These tips are far from being complete. You can leave your comments and share ideas with our readers. But overall remember that blazer is an elegant piece of garment worn in almost all cultures. When you don’t know if you should dress extravagantly or remain simple, choose one. You will not be disappointed.

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