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Creapure, the Only Creatine on the Market Made in Germany

by Delarno
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Creapure is the world’s finest creatine. All other creatines are made in China. Creapure brand creatine is the only one made in Germany by a company called Alz-Chem.

Creapure is a natural combination of three amino acids (arginine, glycine, and methionine) that is found in meat, including fish. When you supplement with creatine monohydrate, it is digested by the body and used up by the muscle cells. There it is attached to the phosphorus molecule and creates creatine phosphate. It is then stored in your muscle cells, the most potential energy for the contraction each of the muscle cells has available. This translates to a more powerful muscle contraction and power output, plus a higher tolerance for a heavier workload.

This difference in the workout is usually obvious for most people. Some research indicates that giving creatine along with a carbohydrate helps deliver the creatine more efficiently. While I has found this to be somewhat true, too many formulas have an overabundance of sugar. Look for formulas that minimize sugars. Most importantly, I tend to life buffered creatine, it’s not always that easy to find and it is a bit more expensive, but it is worth it because not only do you get a theoretical increase in absorption efficiency but is less upsetting to the stomach. Stomach upset and nausea are the major complain among creatine users.

Creapure Creapure helps the body retain more fluid

Some trainers claim that creatine dehydrates the athlete and causes cramping. But his is the only true if they do take enough fluid. The fact is the creapure helps the body retain more fluid by allowing the muscle cell to pull more fluid into the blood stream It if or this season while is an excellent ingredient for off season mass building. I don’t use credit for competitive bodybuilders as they approach the day of the contest. In such cases, I usually stop it about five weeks in advance of the show as they can shed water and have that dry ripped look.


Dosage: Doses have been classically described as the loading phase of 20 grams per day for five days and 4 grams per day after that.

I have found that assuming you are using a high-quality creapure product with minimal to moderate carbohydrate profile, loadings simply unnecessary and may carry with is the minor annoying side effects of stomach upset and diarrhea,… And my estimation 5 to 1o gram at any one time is plenty.

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