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Myo-X, # 1 Myostatin Inhibitor Supplement

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Myo-X, # 1 Myostatin Inhibitor Supplement


If you are looking for a myostatin inhibitor supplement, there is only one to buy. It is called Myo-X. It is the world’s only patented, proven myostatin inhibitor supplement.

Myo-X was invented a few years ago by a company called MYOS REN. They are a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol MYOS. This body builder supplement is a vanilla flavored egg yolk powder that is rich in follistatin. Again it is the only patented product in the world that is proven to suppress and lower myostatin levels.

There are many products that have tried to copy Myo-X, but it is impossible because the technology to retain the follistatin in the powder is patented. Some companies just try to sell egg yolk powder, which is a form of scamming.Resultado de imagen de Myo-X

You see Myo-X is made from fertile egg yolks. Follistatin only occurs in egg yolks that are fertile. Meaning that is let incubate, a chicken will hatch from the egg. Unfertile egg yolks have ZERO follistatin in them. Secondly, the egg yolks must be manufactured a very special way. Common egg yolks are heat pasteurized and then heat spray dried to make into a powder. Again this results in zero occurring follistatin.


MYO-X is produced with egg yolks that are not heat pasteurized or heat spray dried. The process is very high tech and very costly. That is why the cost of this product can be a little bit higher than other competitors.

Myo-X Contain Fortetropin

Myo-X is the only myostatin inhibitor supplement that is proven to lower myostatin in the body, which contains all natural ingredients clinically proven to increase muscle size, lean body mass and strength. Among its ingredients include Fortetropin®, a bioactive proteo-lipid complex composed of about > 250 proteins, > 50 lipids, a variety of peptides and other bioactive molecules isolated at a specific stage of development from fertilized egg yolk using a proprietary process that retains the biological integrity and bioactivity of the mixture.

Currently MYOS RENS’ bionutritional supplement Fortetropin® is the only safe, natural myostatin reducing agent available with clinically demonstrated positive effect on both muscle thickness and lean body mass compared to placebo. Several studies have been conducted on the supplement to prove so.

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