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Gambling sites: 10 Secrets and Simple Tips to Dominate Online Gambling

by Delarno
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Dominate Gambling Sites with These 10 Tips

With the internet technology that keeps getting better day by day, one can find almost everything on the internet including gambling websites. You no longer need to spend your time wondering where to go or how to move to find casinos. With a few click, you can get access to the best online casino in the world in the comfort of yourGambling home. These gambling websites offer all types of games: blackjack, roulette, sports betting, online slots, and others.

Do you have a passion for online gambling? If so, you are not the only one. Gambling is the darling of millions of people around the world. In the US, there are millions of gamblers who play games for money regularly on the internet. These games of chance are part of their lives. Though losing money, either by pleasure or due to addiction (see gambling addiction), they keep playing, having an account with many gambling websites.

This article will help you discover the secrets that gambling websites used to convince gamblers to bet online without them realizing it, as well as the consequences of gambling on the life of addicted gamblers. 

Discover 10 tricks gambling websites used to fool gamblers 

  1. Set a time limit

Before you even start playing you need to set a time limit. Decide in advance how much time you will spend gambling and stick to your decision. When you reach that time limit, stop gambling regardless of advantages or possibilities of winning your feeling may tell you. 

  1. Understand the odds

Gambling websites make it easy for you to play and spend your money. When you are betting online, you have all the time in the world to make your decision. You are not being distracted by the noises in the casino or being enticed by the house representative. It’s just you and your screen. That is, this makes it very easy for you to understand both the probability of the game you are playing and have access to money or financial tools: credit cards for instance. Ignore the timer and understand the odds, you can easily beat the system that way.

  1. Bet in small amounts

This is the number one secret all online gambling sites will hide from you. Most people lose when gambling online because they tend to place large amounts that will quickly wipe away their budget. Let’s say you have $200 for betting, instead of placing $100 in two bets, place $10 in 20 different bets. That way you’ll be sure to spread your risk by placing your bets in multiple chucks. If one bet loses, you won’t be wiped out as compared to what happens in the former.

  1. Set your rules

When gambling online, you’ll need one thing to win, concentration. You should be able to focus when you do your work so that you can effectively place the right bets at the right time. This is why you need to take chunks of rest between your gambling sessions to immediately rejuvenate your energy.  This helps your brain to function better, thus keep your concentration at normal level. 

  1. Stick to the games that will give you an edge

There are two casino games that are really popular among online gamblers: blackjack and slots. Although these two games are largely popular, they are different in nature and in term of winning probability. How? On blackjack, the casino has an average edge of 0.05% but on slots, it has an edge of 6%. From these stats, it becomes obvious that by having a good strategy, you can easily outsmart the house in blackjack rather than slots. And this is why you’ll never see this written on any gambling site.

  1. Do not drink

I bet you’ve never come across such a warning on any gambling site. Why? Because they know that the more you drink, the more money you’ll be willing to let go of.

People tend to make really stupid decisions when they are drunk and such stupid decisions leave them vulnerable. This is why is why you need to put that beer bottle as far as possible whenever you are gambling largely because you’ll need your concentration remains focus if you are to succeed.

  1. Throw emotions out

Emotions are a gamblers’ worst enemy, whether you are online or offline. Emotions will lead you in doing revenge gambling especially after you start losing because you will fool yourself to believe that you can easily recover your lost money. Well, it’s very difficult to win in gambling especially after you’ve lost money. If you ever feel yourself getting emotional after incurring a loss, shut down your PC and take a rest because the consequence of not doing this will lead you to lose even more money.

  1. Track Promotions

I see it every day; gambling sites have a lot of promotions including packages for VIP members. If your gambling provider has a loyalty program, you should pay attention because sometimes you might be missing huge cash backs and amazing loyalty gifts. Some go so far to offer fully funded vacations. Some promotions are not even exclusive for VIP members; there are sites that may even give you bonus (see casino bonus) for signing up. You just need to pay attention to such promotions.

  1. Never play during high-risk situations

If you are a responsible you should avoid gambling during high-risk situations. Some of them include but not limited to angry moments, feeling lonely, feeling anxious or depressed. Also you should not even visit gambling websites if you are under stress. Avoid gambling to solve personal or family problems; it never works. 

  1. Set a time limit

The idea of gambling until you win is not wise at all. First and foremost, decide how much money you can afford to lose. You cannot continue losing money hoping a miracle will happen; it does not work like this in the gambling world. When you reach that spending limit, be mentally strong enough to stop.  

Serious consequences of gambling Websites

The more important gambling is your life, the more disturbed are your relationships with others, including your own family. This is a fact, the difficulties the players are experiencing and the suffering that accompanies them often affects those close to them, whether financially, psychologically or health problems.

Financial problems

The sums incurred by the gamblers end up weakening the household budget to such an extent that they can no longer cope with money problems, thus setting up a permanent sense of insecurity. The sources of financial problems - The impact and how to solve them |The family members are not the only ones affected. When debts accumulate, the addicted gamblers may have to solicit aid from their family, friends, even their acquaintances in order to obtain gifts or loans of money to be able to gamble.

Destabilization of relations

The relationships between the entourage and an addicted gambler are often disrupted. The practice of gambling isolates the player and diminishes the time and attention he gives to his spouse, children and his own life. Alibis and lies to justify the practice and money lost, as well as the time spent on gambling websites, set up a climate of mistrust, which eventually leads to tensions or recurring conflicts in the family. When the gambler is a parent, the children feel this discomfort and can suffer from it.

The entourage of the gambler may feel, in turn, a strong sense of rejection from the player. At the beginning, during certain periods it may be an understanding and acceptable situation. During these phases certain love ones can be patient and often agree to lend money to the player in order to protect him. As the problem worsens without any sign of improvement, anger will take over.

Psychological consequences

All these conflicts, strained and changing relationships, isolation and financial problems can plunge loved ones into great weariness, feelings of helplessness, exhaustion of guilt. In the long run, a depressive state may set in. It may happen that, completely absorbed by the difficulties of the gambler and the repercussions, the entourage is no longer able to ask for the necessary help.

Health issues

This feeling of exhaustion, accompanied by strong pressure and reactions of those around him, can have an effect on the health of the addicted gambler, which he is often unaware of: headache, sleep disorders, ulcers, or even worst medical conditions. In order to decrease the anxious state in which the victim is found, relatives can increase their consumption of alcohol or drugs, and thus worsening the situation. At first, the anxiolytic effects of these substances give them the impression of helping them to face the difficulty. Even If in the short term relief can be felt, over time however, these consumptions risk aggravating the situation of the entire family.

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