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10 Online betting wins that go beyond chance and science

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10 Online betting wins that go beyond chance and science

10 greatest online betting wins of all time

For more than a decade, online betting has been authorized in several countries worldwide. This decision has caused financial ruin of many while at the same time created fortunes for others. As an old Caribbean proverb says: “the death of May profits June.”

Even though most winners of online betting just get modest profits, some lucky players manage to empty the boxes of some betting websites. In this article, we present an updated list of winning records across the globe.

It is important, however, to understand that it was above all logical factors that these people arrived to achieve such big wins. The bettors who succeeded in these big hits just gambled their money with much more possibility to lose than win. The probability for other players to experience their success is extremely slim.Apostadores en el mundo miran estadísticas del Coronavirus

By scrutinizing the interviews of all these lucky winners, no special tactics or techniques are detected, and some have even made their selection based on “instinct”. That is, it is not recommended for you to follow their example to bet your life saving or money you cannot afford to lose.


Discover 10 biggest online betting wins in world history

  1. The Roger Federer Bet

When Roger Federer won his first Wimbledon title in 2003, an Oxfordshire resident named Nick Newlife had visions that the rising Swiss talent’s victory wouldn’t be his last. So he bet £1,520 (2009 US Dollar) at odds of 66-1 that Federer would win seven more titles by 2019 at the All England Club.Roger Federer net worth: What is the tennis legend worth? How much has he made? | Tennis | Sport | Express.co.uk

Newlife died in 2009 when the tennis star had already won six Wimbledon championships. However, his online betting ticket was handed to the charity organization, Oxfam, before his death. Three years later, Federer defeated Andy Murray in the Wimbledon finals for his 7th title in the event.

Almost 10 years after Newlife made the bet, the charity claimed the payout amounting to £101,840 (about $160,245).

  1. Hayward and the dream goal

This man’s online betting dream was simple; he placed an all season bet that would reward him if Xabi Alonso of Liverpool FC scores a goal from behind the midfield line. The season almost ended before his dream was realized but then on a particular Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and Luton Town, Alonso scored the goal and Hayward won a check of 25 000 pounds, about $33,037 US Dollar, after placing a bet of 200.

  1. The Mysterious Nottingham Man

In November 2016, this lucky Nottingham guy took home with him $100 000. Guess what he bet on? President Trump’s election win. This guy was said to have staked a money amounting to $37 000 on Trumps election victory in online political betting. Although this was great for the man, there is a lady who was said to have wond a total of $550 000 on a Clinton win but that’s a story for another day.

  1. Floyd Maywhether

There is ‘money’ in the middle of Floyd and Maywhether for a reason. It’s either because he knows how to win it or just that he is extremely lucky as compared to other people doing the same things as he does but cannot succeed. In 2016, Floyd tweeted proof that showed him winning more than $130,000 on two games: he won $90,909 in betting on Sweet 16 game against Arizona and another $41,000 bet on the second half of a Bulls-Hawks game.

  1. Fifty-year old Celine50-year-old Celine Dion is so thin | News at Celebs-place.com

Play little can pay big. A fifty year old living near Perpignan made this happy experience by pocketing the biggest gain never gained by an online bettor in France.

The bet-gain ratio is astronomical. The fifty-year-old woman, whose Le Parisien (a French daily newspaper) changed the name to Celine, won 198,272.35 Euros after betting 10 small cents. It is simply the biggest win ever pocketed via the online betting site PMU.fr. She has broken the previous record of 2010, when a player had won some 40,000 Euros.

  1. Mick Gibbs

Mick Gibbs did the impossible; he wagered 30 pence on a parlay (aka accumulator or combo bet) on football that consisted of 15 selections. So for him to win, all his selections had to be correct. He ended up taking home a cheque of 660750.00 US Dollar (500 000 pounds) because all his fifteen selections turned out to be accurate even though his odds of winning where 1 666 666 to one. This was one of the best online betting stories of all time.

  1. The Loto-Soccer Records

For many football enthusiasts, “Lotto Foot” is a great game of prognosis that can bring as many gains as fun it provides to the fans.  Loto Foot, which consists of betting money on soccer games, also has its records. The biggest gain ever won is more than 3.5 million dollars (3 million Euros) which occurred on September 13, 2008, by a bettor of Talence, a commune in Southwestern France. This recent winner beats a previous record which took place on November 14, 1998, where the bettor won about 2,698,347.61 Euros, or 3,184,562.87 US Dollar.  

  1. Billy Walters

Billy Walters won a famous bet on the Superbowl between the New Orleans saints and the Indianapolis Colts. The Indianapolis Colts were the favourites to win this match but nevertheless, Billy placed a $3.5 million bet on the New Orleans Saints. The saints responded by delivering a shocking win and Billy Walters took home double his initial amount. That’s more than 7 million dollar. 

  1. The anonymous horse racing betting winner

This amazing number 1 winning in the list is about horse racing. The winner of this French record is from Breton, more specifically Plélan-le-Grand, a commune located in the Ille-et-Vilaine department of Brittany in North-western France. On Friday, October 7, 2011, one player won the sum of 10,552,350 Euros (about 12,449,134 US Dollar) by betting just 2 Euros. It beats all previous records, including one held by a bettor that had won 7,451,800.60 Euros in November 2008, betting on the internet.La crisis del coronavirus resta velocidad a la burbuja de la dolarización en Venezuela - América - Mundiario

This mega winner has decided to keep his information unpublished so we don’t have his name. Feel free to share or comment his name below if you know it.

  1. Louise White

Louise White was a granny who won a total of $336, 4 million dollars in the power ball jackpot back in 2012. The 81 year old granny is said to have slipped her ticket in her bible and sleeping with it before going ahead to claim it the following day.

Remember, these are exceptional cases. Betting should only be a leisure activity, protect yourself from excesses and addiction. It is better to avoid gambling, but if you want to do so play Responsible. Excessive use of sports betting involves risks: dependencies, isolation, debt, and others.  Online betting must remain a game, a friendly moment and must at no time have any impact on your life.
Are you an addicted gambler?

A pathological gambler is a person who becomes incapable of controlling his practice, despite the negative repercussions of it on his life. This player is then incapable of limiting the place of the game in his life, to the detriment of all the other forms of activities: social, family and professional lives.

For more information, kindly visit Gambling Addiction Symptoms.

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