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Alternative Cancer Treatment – Health Coaching

by Mathew Marshall
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Alternative Cancer Treatment – Health Coaching

We all tend to perform better when we have a good coach. This is certainly true for most sports related activities but it can apply to many other areas of life including emotional, academic and even health.  As one type of alternative cancer therapy, health coaching can be an area which should be studied further.

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A health coach believes that a person has many answers regarding the best way for them to live their lives as well as deal with injury or illness.  The answers may be hidden within the subconscious but they are there.

This information can play an important role in how the patient views threats to their health like cancer and how it should be dealt with.  The coach does not provide these answers but rather utilizes techniques to derive the answers directly from the patient.  They may ask the coach what they should do but a good coach uses techniques to get the patient to answer that question themselves.  It is an answer which is best suited to the person because it comes directly from that person.


As an alternative cancer therapy, health coaching provides a way for patients to take greater control over their treatment, reduce their stress, and achieve a much better quality of life.  It can help to work in concert with traditional cancer treatments and greatly improve their effectiveness.

If a client decides to use the services of a health coach, the first thing they do is to fill out a questionnaire which includes a list of goals.  It is important for the health coach to understand what the client wants to achieve or what he/she is hoping for.  The goals should be listed in a positive manner.  So rather than indicating that you don’t want to have sharp pains when you walk, you would indicated that your goal is walk with lots of energy in a relaxing manner.

The health coach will help you visualize your goals.  As a matter of fact imagery is a key part of a typical health coach’s role.  They may utilize techniques which rely on bodily energy such Reiki.

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A health coach will also look at things in your life which may be affecting your health or how you feel.  These can be pressures of job or family.  But they will work with you to find ways to overcome the stress associated with these factors and achieve a more balanced and harmonious life.

As the sessions progress, a patient should move closer to the attainment of his/her goals.  And through the elimination or reduction of stress factors, the patient can be better equipped to deal with his health issues.  The right frame of mind and attitude also plays a big part in the effectiveness of traditional cancer therapies and the ability of the patient to recover quickly from the side effects associated with these therapies.

The health coach plays in pivotal role in helping the patient to keep their eye on the ball.  What this means is that they encourage the patient to stay focused on their goals and find a way to achieve them.  They will provide important feedback and encouragement.

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