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Alternative Cancer Therapy – Homeopathy

by Mathew Marshall
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Alternative Cancer Therapy – Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a type of natural health therapy which uses substances that are derived from natural sources to help the body to heal itself.  The practice works to use substances which can elicit desired responses in the body.  We’ll explore this type of alternative cancer therapy in greater detail.

Homeopathic remedies are derived largely from plants or minerals throughout the world.  In the US they are prepared by companies under strict FDA guidelines.

FDA. La verdad sobre las vacunas - Redbioética/UNESCO

A homeopathic practitioner’s role is to match a remedy with a symptom from the patient.  When this occurs, the homeopathic remedy can help the body to activate its natural healing processes.


There have been a number of important studies both in the US and abroad which support the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating diseases including cancer.  Specific details on studies and findings can be found on the Internet.

The manner in which homeopathic compounds work do support the belief that they stimulate healing.  By stimulating the body to elicit the same symptom which is desired to be eliminated, it causes a natural healing process to occur.   So in the case of cancer treatment, these compounds do not directly attack the cancer cells or tumors but rather cause the body to recognize and deal with these threats.

Homeopathy is used to help treat cancer in a number of different ways.  It may be used alone but is generally used in conjunction with other types of treatment to help to improve the overall effectiveness.  For example it can help other compounds to directly target cancer cells while at the same help the body itself to take an active role in the elimination of the threat.

These compounds can also be used to stimulate other organs which play an important role in eliminating toxic threats from the body.  This can include the liver, kidneys, small and large intestine.  It is important to help the body to get the cancerous cells out of the body.

The War on Natural Medicine - The FDA is threatening homeopathy's future - The Faculty of HomeopathyOther compounds can address unwanted side effects of traditional treatments like nausea or fatigue.  They help the body to recover faster from the trauma and damage which these treatments cause.  Homeopathic remedies therefore play an important role in helping a patient to recover from cancer treatments as quickly as possible.  They also may help to continue to drive out the threat from cancer by causing the body to increase its immune response.

An effective course of treatment often occurs when both the Western doctor and the homeopathic practitioner work together.  A number of medical facilities are understanding the importance of the link and are making it much easier for these practitioners to work in concert for the patient’s benefit.  By taking a more active role in the process of treatment, the homeopathic practitioner can better understand what compounds would be most effective at that time.

As the popularity and acceptance of the type of treatment increases, so will the amount of research and product development.  More and more effective compounds will abound and the patients will be able to achieve even more significant results.  This is certainly a very positive outcome in the long run.

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