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Alternative Cancer Therapy – Hypnotherapy

by Mathew Marshall
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Alternative Cancer Therapy – Hypnotherapy

Our mind can play an integral role in how we feel and how we respond and deal with illnesses like cancer.  If someone develops cancer there are many courses of treatment.  Some are considered mainstream while others are viewed as alternative cancer therapies.  One such technique which uses the power of the mind is hypnotherapy.  So let’s explore this technique further and better understand how it can be of benefit in the treatment of different types of cancer.

Hypnotherapy can be used to apply hypnosis techniques. Hypnosis is a technique where a person can achieve a state of heightened awareness along with a high degree of relaxation while remaining focused on an idea of limited number of ideas.

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Many people view hypnosis as being asleep but this is not the case at all.  Or stories may abound of the person who becomes hypnotized and begins barking like a dog because the hypnotherapist suggested it.  This is also untrue and the person undergoing hypnosis will not do anything he/she would not normally consider.


But it is a state of mind which allows a person to access their deepest subconscious thoughts and feelings.  It can therefore be used for a wide variety of goals including healing.

It is natural for a person who is dealing with a cancer diagnosis to be very scared and feel powerless.  Hypnotherapy can provide a very effective way for the patient to feel that they are in control and help them to cope much more effectively with the realities of their disease and treatment.

These techniques have also been shown to be very effective in helping to minimize the unwanted side effects of aggressive cancer treatment including nausea, pain, vomiting and loss of appetite. The person learns to manage these symptoms and better understand and control the feeling associated with the onset of cancer and associated treatments.

Hypnosis is not normally used as a primary course of treatment for cancer but has shown impressive results in treating the effects of traditional treatments and helping the patient to recover faster and more effectively.  It has also been noted that hypnotherapy has helped a patient to help to use the power of the mind to control their bodies in dealing with the threat of cancer.

Through deep hypnosis and imaging techniques, the patient can learn to visualize their immune cells attacking the cancerous cells and eliminating them.  They can also learn to feel that they are directing the chemo treatments directly to the cancer cells thereby minimizing the impact to healthy cells.

Pain management is an important part of cancer treatment and hypnotherapy has proven to be very effective in addressing this issue.

Pain Management Techniques when Living with Chronic PainThrough the use of these techniques patients which otherwise resort to high doses of painkiller are able to control their bodies and eliminate or mask the pain such that they no longer need these painkillers.

The primary goal of hypnotherapy is to help the patient to feel that they are in control of their disease.  The ability of the mind to control the body is well established and hypnotherapy can be an important tool in helping cancer sufferers to achieve faster and more effective treatment of their disease.

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