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Alternative Cancer Therapy – Lymph Drainage Therapy

by Mathew Marshall
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Alternative Cancer Therapy – Lymph Drainage Therapy

There are many types of alternative cancer therapies which are used by practitioners on patients to help relieve symptoms associated with traditional cancer treatments. One such therapy is called lymph drainage therapy.  We’ll explore this therapy in greater detail and provide further insight into its use and effectiveness as an alternative cancer treatment.

The lymphatic system is sometimes referred to as the human sewer system and it plays a pivotal role in flushing the body of toxins and other materials.  It is very important that the lymphatic pathways remain clear to help to maintain good health.Anatomía del sistema linfático | AECC

For some types of cancer, the types of traditional treatments can include surgery or the use of radiation.  For some of these treatments, the lymph nodes are either removed or damaged beyond repair.  When this occurs, the lymphatic system is adversely affected and can no longer work at full capacity.

This can lead to lymphoedema which is a stoppage or blockage of the lymphatic system.  Some common symptoms of this condition include achiness or discomfort of the arms; swelling of the arm or upper chest; difficulty in moving the arm; overall stiffness, weakness or numbness.


As the condition progresses, more swelling can occur particularly in the extremities.  It can become quite painful and uncomfortable.

By the time this condition is noticed, there is already significant buildup of fluids in these extremities.  There is also increased risk of infection under the skin.   If it remains untreated the infection can cause more damage to the lymphatic system.

The skin may also thicken and ulcerations may occur.  The condition can impact a person’s ability to walk or move without pain.  The swelling can also become quite visible and become an embarrassment to the sufferers.

Traditional treatments for the problem have included the use of compression belts or medications to reduce fluid in the body.  These are not always effective and can cause undesired side effects.Líquidos corporales: composición, compartimentos y distribución - Lifeder

Lymph drainage therapy is a technique which can be used to stimulate the movement of the lymph fluid through the intact lymph channels and nodes.  This process entails light massaging to certain areas of the body and is done by properly trained practitioners.

The treatment is not painful and can be quite relaxing and pleasurable.  But most importantly it has the ability to stimulate the lymph system and cause the lymph fluids to move through this system thereby enabling the most effective function.

After the treatment, patients are taught to perform periodic procedures themselves in order to prevent further problems and blockage.  It needs to be an ongoing process but is fairly easy to maintain and control.

Although unproven through clinical research, the use of lymph drainage therapy helps to cleanse the body and may avoid a reoccurrence of cancer once it is under control.  It is an important process to move toxins and other contaminants out of the body.  The procedure is not invasive and is considered safe for most patients.  The only exception is the case where a patient is suffering from active cancer and in particular untreated lumps.  Otherwise it can be a very effective course of treatment to help to overcome the damage to the lymph system caused by traditional cancer treatments.

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