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McAfee Antivirus Programs for Business and Personal Uses

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McAfee Antivirus Programs for Business and Personal Uses

McAfee Antivirus

Mcafee antivirus is not just one of the program out; it is the best. But before showing you why, let’s consider the important of having an anti malware on your computer.

Antivirus becomes a requirement these days even if your computer is reserved for personal uses only. But when it is time to choose a software you have many questions: Which antivirus to use? Do some stand out or they are all the same? Should I consider a free or paid program? Select an antivirus or a complete anti malware protection?

There is one answer to all of these questions: chose an effective anti malware that provides all these features all together.  And McAfee is the exact software you need for complete antivirus protection.

The latest McAfee antivirus program not only protects your computer from viruses and other malicious attacks, it is integrated with protection tools for your data, your identity and optimization tools for your computer. Parental control is now also included; an important aspect when it comes to properly protect the family computer.


McAfee Antivirus New Features

Resultado de imagen de antivirus McAfeeMcAfee automatically monitors your Web browsing and downloads. The SiteAdvisor technology is very important when searching the web the fact that it detects malicious addresses, block them, and immediately warn you. In a toolbar or directly from the list of search results, you are informed about the danger of navigating the site.

The McAfee® WebAdvisor, created by Intel Security, ensures your safety anytime you are online. You have peace of mind when enter your personal information on the web or download files. And with SecureSearch feature, the software assigns a color code to the sites in your search results to indicate those that are safe and those that are not.

The McAfee Antivirus software tells you if your antivirus and firewall are activated and protecting your computer. It also has a password Advisor feature which tells you if hackers use your passwords. To avoid malicious surprises when downloading, the software analyzes your downloads to ensure they do not contain viruses or any form of malware.

The McAfee Antivirus is compatible with Windows operating systems, Mac, Linux and Unix. You reliable customer support in case you need help. All you need to is dial the 844-892-4680 to reach a friendly agent from the Customer Service.


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