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Prostate Orgasm vs Penile Organism: Sweetness, Benefits, Tips

by Delarno D.
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In men, Orgasm is a climax of sexual excitement characterized by a feeling of pleasure centered in the genitals. It is usually experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation.

But do you know there are differences between prostate orgasms and penile orgasms, and some are more pleasurable than others?

In this article, you will learn the difference between Penile Orgasm and Prostate orgasm and the health benefits of each orgasm. In addition, at the end, I will show 4 simple steps to control and prolong your orgasms.

 Why Orgasm?

It is normal to want to have the most joyous sex. As long as you are sure that your partner is also having a good time, you should feel free to maximize your fun. It can be helpful to be creative in the bedroom, whether it’s bringing in some toys or interacting with your experience.Orgasm


Anal play is not for all men; some heterosexual men find it uncomfortable and gay-like. In fact, some people even think it is somewhat forbidden by God. But if you want to do it as part of your sex life or try it sometimes, you can discover the wonders of prostatic orgasm, which is not like the typical orgasm you experience. It is difficult to fully describe the unique experience associated with prostate tremors at least you experience it yourself.

But, in general, here are the differences and health benefits of prostate orgasm and penile orgasms. 

Penile orgasm – It is the most sublime and heavenly feeling that a man can have. A few seconds before orgasm, your brain accumulates with extreme, intense and unimaginable pleasure. Every second it gets more intense with extreme happiness and euphoria in your brain. You forget about your psychic body and focus on how high your brain feels. It is as if angels are blessing your brain with a sweet and cold feeling in your bloodstream. It becomes so euphoric and intense that you start to ejaculate. When you come It is as if your soul is released in paradise.

Prostate Orgasm – Prostate orgasm is a form of prostate stimulation or massage. Worry for a variety of reasons, but the two most common are for improving prostate health and pleasure. It can feel very good. In fact, because the situation is capable of reaching orgasm in abjuration, many men discover that they can have multiple orgasms from one side to the other. This can prolong and entertain the pleasure and help them keep up with their partners.

Now, here are differences and health benefits of Between Penile and Prostate Orgasms

Prostate Orgasms
Some men find that they achieve rapid and intense orgasms by massaging the prostate gland, either as a couple or with a sex toy. The stimulation is direct, using a finger, device that is applied through the rectum. The target area is sometimes compared to the G area for women, and men with prostate tremors feel it throughout the body. The size of the prostate is like a walnut, a gland located below the bladder. Semen, which mixes with sperm and forms penile-driven ejaculation, occurs during orgasm.

What Prostate orgasm feel like?

The P-point of orgasms is said to resemble penile orgasms, only it is more intense and is felt throughout the body. There are reports of people experiencing extreme orgasms, which are a stream of fast, persistent orgasms that cause tremors. Not everyone bleeds during a prostate orgasm, but some release a milky fluid from the urethra.

Penile Orgasm

Penile orgasms produce stimulation of the penis, while orgasms resulting from G-spot stimulation, vaginal and rectal stimulation often involve the pelvic nerve. Stimulation of the pelvic nerve, through the rectum, can also lead to pleasure in some surprising ways. When the prostate is stimulated for a while, you may notice that your penis begins to leak white fluid. Here comes the term “prostate milking”.prostate milking

The “Prostate milking” fluid is the main component of ejaculation without sperm. If you are milking the prostate for health reasons, you can focus on it for a while to make sure the gland is clean. For people who are more focused on pleasure, milking is a sign that they may be reaching orgasm. Take it as proof that you are on the right track!

How to Reach the Prostate?

Some men find it easier to find a prostate when they lift their legs close to their chest. If you are not very flexible, you can try bending your knees in this position. It goes without saying that lying on your back leaves the anus in an easily accessible position. This provides easier access for people playing with a partner, but can make prostate masturbation difficult.

Still having problems…?

You may be lucky to get to your prostate if you lie on your side instead of your back or stomach. This can make your prostate accessible to you or your partner.

Health Benefits of Penile and Prostate Orgasms

Penile Orgasm and prostate orgasm have positive effects on your health. Prostate massage and milking can help ease pressure and swelling of the prostatic gland by releasing fluids that build up in the prostate. Small studies have found that massaging the area several times a week can give relief from pain and pressure.

Here are 4 simple steps you can use to control your orgasm:

  1. Get aroused.
  2. Have your partner stimulate you to orgasm.
  3. Just before the orgasm, squeeze the head of your penis to stop your orgasm.
  4. Wait 30 seconds, and then start a new stimulation. 

In Conclusion… 

Despite all the great indications, you may not be able to massage your prostate and enjoy the sweetness and health benefits associated prostate orgasm. Or maybe you have fun with that, but the orgasm hasn’t occurred yet.  This does not mean that something is wrong. You may just need more time to get to know this new part of your body. Keep experimenting to find what is good.

And if you can’t find it, that’s fine too. Not everyone will enjoy stimulating the prostate. You may ask your doctor to do a prostate massage during a prostate exam.

You now have all the information you need to regularly stimulate your prostate for your health and pleasure. Would you share your experience with any of these types of orgasm?

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