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12 Road signs and meanings I bet you don’t know, ridiculous

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12 Road signs and meanings I bet you don’t know, ridiculous

12 Most Unusual Road Signs and Meanings

Road signs and their meanings are designated to facilitate circulation by providing information to road users. Placed on the side of the roads, their functions include:

  • making road traffic safer by informing users of any dangers they may encounter;
  • facilitating circulation, indicating, for example, the directions to be followed;
  • giving information on the use of the road, for instance gas station 3 miles ahead;
  • And indicating or recalling various specific police requirements for the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

In addition to informing motorists, some highway signs have a real-time traffic display system. So motorists can avoid traffic congestion, help police catch a suspect, and others. The display system is usually a LED system.La historia de las señales de tránsito - Motor y Racing

But some are so ridiculous one would wonder what’s the point of having them. In this article, I list 12 of the most ridiculous road signs and their meanings.

Here are 12 most unusual road signs and meanings

  1. Tractor Warning

Look very quickly, this panel can be confusing. At first look you may think it’s warning about speed or indicating a road frequented by tractors. In reality, it simply means that there is limited visibility. It mainly is used in areas where agricultural vehicles are freely circulated.


2. Reserved channel

There isso much information on this panel that it is readable very quickly. If you see it, you will understand that there is a lane reserved for a certain type of vehicle (written on the top right) at x m. for most motorists this road sign is completely unknown.

3. Text stop

Everyone knows it: texting while driving is dangerous, very dangerous. The practice increases the risk of accidents by 23. Now there is a sign in Canada to warn drivers where they can text freely. Undoubtedly this is one of the most incredible road signs and meanings of the 21st century. Knowing that there are henceforth reserved areas for texting where WIFI is available.  Welcome to a world where the trivialization of texting is at its peak.

     4. Forest plantation

Unlike what this traffic sign may indicate at first sight, if you cross this sign on the road, you will not be required to stop and pick up pine trees. Instead, it indicates an area where trees have been planted recently. These trees, once mature, will serve as shelterbelts. Meanwhile, this small panel also serves to ask drivers to be vigilance of the workers who work nearby.

5. Emergency exit

This is one of the most confusing road signs and meanings found mostly in Canada (Québec).   As you can see, this sign has a lot of information that even a genius may not understand at first. But in short, it simply means there is an emergency exit for vehicles that have brake problems.

  1. Prohibition

The meaning of this traffic sign depends on the type of vehicle drawn in the middle of the black square. For instance, if it has that a three-wheel car this indicates it is forbidden for other types of vehicle to drive on that track. This prohibitive traffic sign is among the compulsory road signs and meanings which tell drivers what they must or must not do.

         7. Dog poop

Do I even need to explain this one? Anyway, if you see this sign on your way to the park, you have better pick up your dog’s poop. It is through this type of obligation that parks and streets undeniably remain clean. Be a good neighbor, clean after your dog mess.

        8. Summer Amphitheater

This is an extremely funny panel that most of us question its usefulness. But anyway, this a road sign you may stumble upon while driving in Canada. The small blue squares are used to signal motorists of private tourist facilities. I have no idea what the sun indicates.

  1. Cheese

If you are a cheese lover this sign is for you. No, you are not watching a Tom and Jerry carton; this is a real traffic sign which indicates the presence of a cheese factory not far from you. All you have to do is follow the indication, and voila, your cheese is served. In case you are wondering, this is not free cheese; you will have to pay.

  1. Labyrinth

Labyrinth has different meanings. It can be an intricate combination of paths or passages in which it is difficult to find one’s way or to reach the exit. The same it can mean “a walking meditation, a path of prayer and an archetypal blueprint where psyche meets Spirit.” Regardless, if you see this sign there is a labyrinth on your way.

11. Recreation Center

This sign may not be a good one for adults, but it delights children. It indicates the presence of a recreational center ahead. If you travel with your kids, you don’t need to explain the meaning to them; they will know. And you pretend you don’t see it they will tell you.

12. Montreal Biodome

This road sign indicates the Montreal Biodome, a facility located at Olympic Park in the Montreal neighbourhood of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve that allows visitors to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas.

La importancia del feedback del cliente para los gimnasios y centros fitness - yoymove.com

These are just a few of weird road signs and their meanings worldwide. Feel free to comment or send us yours (picture along with definition) to add on this list. It is constantly growing.

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