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11 Deadliest School Massacres in the World

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This video, 11 deadliest school massacres in the world, may make you cringe; However, it is important to learn from these dark events in order to recognize and understand the psychotic behaviors of these rampage individuals to better protect yourself. If you ever saw the image of children or teenagers running for their lives and from their schools with their hands up or bodies on the group with sheets covering them, that is an image you will never be able to get out of your head. It is the most unthinkable crime to shoot, bomb, or do any harm to innocent children for no reason. What more chocking, in many cases these massacres involved very young elementary school students.

In this article, you will learn about 11 deadliest school massacres in the world. We would appreciate it if you would subscribe to our channel and share the video to help increase our presence on YouTube.

Here Are the 11 Deadliest School Massacres in the World

  1. Bath School Disaster – 55

The Bath School Disaster which is also call the Bath School Massacre happened on May 18, 1927 and the perpetrator was Andrew Philip Kehoe, an American farmer and the treasurer of the Bath Township school board. Kehoe murdered his wife Nellie Price Kehoe prior to detonating a bomb at the school. He became very frustrated after losing the reelection for the school board and began a killing spree. Kehoe killed 38 elementary schoolchildren, 6 adults and wounded at least 58 more people. Kehoe committed suicide by detonating dynamite in his truck near the school. On that horrible day in May of 1927, Kehoe killed a total of 55 innocent children and adults died basically because a person did not get their way.

  1. Chencholai Bombing – 61

On August 14, 2006, the Sri Lankan Air Force bombed Chencholai (aka Sencholai) killing 16 girls ages 16-18. It was said that it was a training camp for LTTE, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The government claimed that this was a training site, they had been monitoring the site since 2004 and it was not a wrong target or mistaken. The LTTE insisted that these girls were no child soldiers and that their group used the camp however, it was not a training camp. Both sides of the story are suspicious to say the least. The Chencholai bombing caused the death of 61 Tamil school girls and 155 or more injuries.

  1. Kyanguli Fire Tragedy – 67

It was a tragic event when Kyanguli Secondary School in Machakos County, Kenya caught on fire March the 25, 2001. There were 67 pupils that died in this incident called the Kyanguli Fire Tragedy. A 16-year-old named Davis Onyango Opiyo approached Felix Mambo Ngumbao With a ruthless plan to burn down the dormitory in school Because he like other students did not like the new principal. End of all things, his top complaints were about the quality of food that was being provided at the school. The two boys bought 15 liters of petrol and that night students complain to the school authorities that they smelled it coming from one of the dormitories however, the principal in the night guard did not find anything. Before this tragedy, there were notes circulating in the school about a strike against the administration and there have been unsuccessful attempts to torch the principal’s office as well as the library. No one seemed to take heed to these warnings.

  1. Nagerkovil School Bombing – 71

The Sri Air Force bombed the Nagerkovil school in Jaffna, Sri Lanka on September 22, 1995. The airstrike that took place resulted in the death of 71 Sri Lankan Tamil civilians which were primarily school children. There were many more injured and some died later from those injuries but the number has never been officially stated. The Sri Lankan Spokesman did admit to the incident but made a claim that most of the dead were LTTE cadres (a militant separatist group fighting for an independent homeland for Hindu Tamils in Northeastern Sri Lanka).

  1. Kabul School Bombing – 90

Ninety people died and 240 were injured on May 8, 2021 during a car bombing and two other explosions in front of the Sayed al-Shuhada school in western Kabul, Afghanistan. The majority of fatalities were girls that were only 11-15 years of age. The Taliban denied any involvement and no individual or group claimed responsibility. There is a lot of fear that the attacks will increase once President Biden finishes pulling all the American troops. The President announced that the troops would be gone by September 11, 2021.

  1. Thammasat University Massacre – 100

Thammasat University suffered from a horrific event with the police and paramilitary forces. There was a protest at the university and all the exits were blocked. On October 6, 1976 at 5:30 AM the police began shooting into the campus using war-grade weapons, machine guns, pistols, grenade launchers and armor piercing rifles. the police later claimed that this was in response to a sniper however, observers reported hearing little if any shooting coming from the students. Even if the police were telling the truth the amount of weaponry used what’s above the top for a sniper. The Bangkok police chief issued a free fire order somewhere between 7:30 and the campus was stormed with Border Patrol police. Students were killed in many ways trying to flee the police. Some delve into the river they were shot at by naval vessels. Some tried to leave via the front gate and were lynched by paramilitaries and bystanders. Some witnesses reported that paramilitaries sexually abused, shot, robbed and assaulted protestors even if they had already surrendered. Some were hung from trees and beaten and others were set on fire. The official death toll plus 45 including five of the perpetrators. There is an unofficial death toll given by the organization which oversaw the corpses that states it was more than 100.

  1. Peshawar School Massacre – 149

On December 16th 2014 6 gunmen of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) a terrorist attack on the army public school in northwestern Pakistani In the city of Peshawar. The killers were foreign nationals comprising of two Afghans, three Arab, and one Chechen. They went into the school and opened fire on children and staff killing 149 people Of which 132 were school children between the ages of 8 and 18. There were also suicide bombings included in this act of terrorism. The special forces launched a rescue operation where they rescued 960 people and killed six terrorists. Pakistan hung four militants on December 2, 2015 that participated in the Peshawar massacre. Omar Khorasani was the mastermind behind the attack and was executed by the Afghan Taliban on August 16, 2021.

  1. Eastern University Massacre – 158

The Eastern University Massacre is an event that is part of a series of civilian massacres known amongst Sri Lankan Tamils as Black September. The perpetrators were the Sri Lankan Army who arrested and murdered 158 refugees on September 5, 1990 that took refuge at Eastern University. The Sri Lankan Government established a commission and the inquiry found evidence of illegal adoption and mass murders however, there is no evidence of any judicial follow up actions.

  1. Walisongo School Massacre – 165

The Walisongo School Massacre was a series of attacks by Christian militants on upon many Muslim villages around Poso town, Central Sulawesi Indonesia as part of a broader sectarian conflict in the Poso region. Most of the high profile and horrendous murders occurred at the Pesantran Walisongo boarding school in Sintuwu Lemba which is why they named the series of attacks Walisongo School Massacre. The official count of deaths was 165 however, according to most news sources the deaths totaled 191 and the number of people injured was in the hundreds. They believed this started because of the tension created among Christians due to the growth of Muslim migrants and their political representation.

  1. Beslan School Siege – 333

The Beslan School Siege or Beslan Massacre in Russia is deemed to be the deadliest school shootings in history. It is also referred to as the Beslan School Hostage Crisis. This attack began when a group of armed Chechen terrorists who were members of the Riyad-us Saliheen, which was the name of a small martyr force of Islamic suicide attackers occupied a school in the town of Beslan. This was a horrific terror attack that started on September 1st 2004 and lasted for three days. The attack ended with the deaths of 333 people. There were 186 children murdered that were ages one to 17, teachers and other school staff, 6 civilian rescuers, 111 parents/friends/other guests, 13 employees of other companies plus 31 of the attackers. There were approximately 783 people that suffered from injuries. Many victims were held hostage for over two days in a gymnasium before being shot or burned alive.

  1. Garissa University College Attack – 400

On April 2, 2015, gunmen that claimed to be part of a militant group called Al-Qaeda which is a spinoff of Al-Shabaab took responsibility for the Garissa University College attack. At the college in Garissa, Kenya they stormed in and injured 79 people and killed 148 more. The gunmen killed those who identified as Christians and freed Muslims. They also took over 700 students as hostages. This was the deadliest attack in Kenya since the 1998 United States embassy bombings. Samantha (aka Sherafiyah or the White Widow) Lewthwaite, the British born widow of a terrorist bomber named Germaine Lindsay was suspected as the mastermind behind the attack and causing over 400 deaths. She is currently a fugitive.


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