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5 Social Media and Marketing Tips to Succeed Online

by Delarno
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5 Social Media and Marketing Tips to Succeed Online

5 Tips to Choose Social Media  Agency

The statistics all over are saying it. Social media platforms are really growing at an increasingly rapid rate and this trend is not about to disappear any soon. Each and every day, people from all walks of life are subscribing to at least one of the Social media platforms available, the largest one being Facebook.

In July this year, Mark Zuckerberg, the 31 year old CEO of the world’s largest Social Media platform, Facebook announced that there are now over 2 Billion registered Facebook users. 2 Billion might seem like a small number on paper but considering the fact that there are 7 billion people in the world at this very moment, you’ll begin to have appreciation of the fact over 25% of the entire world’s population is on Facebook alone.

These amazing numbers of people using social media show, among most things that Social Media platforms are valuable platforms for businesses to leverage on through marketing and make loads of money.

There are a lot of success stories of businesses who leveraged on and made impressive ROI’s through Social Media, the most popular one being X-Step a sneaker company that made 23 million in sales by marketing via their Social Media Platforms.


But although this success story seems amazing, there is one ingredient that I haven’t yet spoken of, and that is the how part behind the success of X-Step and other similar start-up companies.

Most companies that find success through Social Media Advertising do so because they have the backing of a great agency. And the thing is, if your company is to achieve the same level of success through Social Media, it pays to also have the backing of an effective Social Media Agency that understands Social Media inside-out.

Here are some quick tips on how you can choose a great Social Media Advertising Agency.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is social-media-763731-1024x680.jpg

  1. Define your marketing goals

Sometimes, the greatest Social Media Agencies in the world can do a crappy job if not guided properly by the client. If your goal is to generate new leads for your business document it and use that to find an agency that specializes in lead generation. In such a situation, if you don’t have defined goals, you might end upp with one that specializes in Conversion Rate Optimization and you won’t be pleased by the results.

  1. Be prepared to build a long term relationship

A successful Social Media Marketing Strategy will take time which is why you should run away from Social Agencies that speak of ‘growth hacking’ because there is no such thing. Be prepared, because sometimes, implementing a Social Media strategy can take as long as up to a year and sometimes even more. Put time into it.


  1. Identify and define your ideal agency

When it comes to Social Agencies, they vary a lot. Some of those agencies are specialized and some are generalized. If you had clearly defined your goals as per the first tip, this step would be much easier for you as you would no what you want. If you want more sales, then it’s best to focus on an agency that specializes in CRO and alternatively, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, then pay attention to Audience Optimization. The thing is, not every agency will be good for you.

  1. Take a look at reviews

Social Media Marketing Agencies can sometimes easily market and portray themselves as being the best and you have to be wary of that fact. Don’t opt to go for an agency because their sales person says so. Look for other customer reviews of that particular agency and let those help you decide if the guys at the agency are as good as they say they are. 

  1. Look at the Agency’s profile

If an Agency says they are good at Facebook marketing but their Fanpage has less than 500 followers, then they are a Scam. If they are very good at what they do, then their own Fan pages and Twitter handles should be testimony to this fact. So, take your time to study your agency and verify if they truly deliver what they say and the best verification is to grow through and inspect what they have achieved for their own space.

It is possible for your business to increase sales from Social Media Marketing. What you just need at most, is a reputable Social Media Agency that can deliver amazing results.

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