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Overcome Suicidal Thoughts Quickly with 10 Simple Tips

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10 Simple Tips to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal ideation is the representation that an individual makes of the use of suicide as a possible solution to a situation he considers as unsolvable. He determines the fatal decision is the only radical remedy to end the alarming despair he experiences. Suicidal thoughts destroy; they don’t build. You need to overcome them, not let yourself overcome by them.

My fight against suicidal thoughts began shortly following a cancer diagnosis while I was in my 4th year college. I was full of joy and happy when I heard this bad news: “I am sorry; you have cancer.” While fighting to survive my fiancée dumped me like a trash; my pain became too intense for me to bear, I contemplated suicide. Suicidal thoughts

But at the last minute I realized killing myself is not the solution; I decided to fight and stay alive. Indeed, I overcome depression and suicidal ideation using these simple steps.

Tips to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

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  1. Prayer Therapy

They say it is better for depressed people to “think less of themselves and pray God more.” This fact is proven by science and frequently expressed by clerics and religious people.  You can eliminate suicidal thoughts by restoring or living a fervent Christian life.

Suicidal thoughts can only be established when you are in complete despair. Hope, the true hope from the Bible, is the best antidote against despair. Take the hope that lies in the promises of God and put it in your heart; your perspective will change according to your faith. God has the wonderful habit of bringing people out of impossible situations. The Bible is full of stories of people like you, who have been delivered from extremely dangerous, desperate and potentially fatal situations. You’re not different. Pray and glorify God; He will deliver you.

  1. Be Patient and Wait for help

If you have called a support line, or a friend to come to your home, focus on your safety while waiting for help. Inhale deeply to calm yourself and repeat an affirmation to help you overcome that moment. You can even write it down to strengthen it in your mind. You can also sing praise or worship songs to boost your faith. Here are some examples of affirmation that you can repeat to yourself: I am physically and mentally healthy. I love my life; I am happy…

  1. Avoid drugs or/and alcohol

suicidal thoughtsYou cannot make your suicidal ideation disappear by drinking alcohol or taking drugs. In fact, adding these chemicals to your body will make it harder to see clearly, which is what you need to be able to overcome your suicidal thoughts. If you are drinking or taking drugs at this time, stop and leave some time to your mind. These stimulants will worsen the situation; stay away from them.

  1. Make a list of Uplifting Distractions

Make a list of your favorite distractions and things you like to do in life. Take a moment to think and add all the things that have helped you overcome any hardship in the past. Write down the names of your best friends and family members you love, your favorite places, music, movies and books that relieved you from any pain or suffering. Do not forget small things like your favorite dishes or sports and more important things you passionate about that help you get up in the morning.

4. Identify and Stay away from Triggers

Sometimes, certain places, people, habits, or words can trigger thoughts of despair and suicide. At first it may be difficult to make the link, but ask yourself if there is not a pattern that could include potential triggers. Whenever possible, avoid things that make you sad, desperate or stressed. Here are some examples triggers.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Unhealthy foods
  • Stressful situations
  • Stay alone or loneliness
  • Deal with the very People who have abused you physically and emotionally
    read books, watch movies, or listen to music with dark or emotional themes
  • Alcohol and drug use. At first, you feel good, but tsuicidal thoughtshis can quickly turn bad ideas into suicidal thoughts. About 30% of people who commit suicide do so under the influence of alcohol.
  1. Identify and Manage Warning signs

About a couple days, or so, before the negative thinking starts emerging, you may experience some warning signs. At first it may difficult for you to identify them. Learn to recognize the warning signs. Suicidal ideas are not going to happen all by themselves. They are the result of something, such as feelings of despair, depression, grief or stress. By learning to recognize what other thoughts or behaviors that lead to your suicidal thoughts, you can better prevent or overcome them.

Here are some of these common signs:

  • Increase in use of alcohol, drugs or other substances
  • Feeling of despair and uselessness
  • Feeling angry for little or no apparent reason
  • Increase in recklessness or carelessness
  • Feeling mentally trapped or overwhelmed
  • Desire to isolate yourself from others
  • Feeling anxious and worry
  • Sudden changes in mood
  • Loss of your interest in things you love
  • Change in your sleeping patterns
  • Feeling of guilt or shame for any insignificant reason.
  1. Be social, Connect with others

The most important thing you can do to help you overcome your suicidal ideation is to build a strong support network. Behind suicidal thoughts, one often finds the feeling of being isolated. When this continues, without support or positive thinking, you will quick think the world would be better if you did not exist. So you take your life to deliver yourself and the world.

Contact others and chat with someone every time you feel down. By connecting with people who care about you, you will be able to overcome your suicidal thinking and better prevent them from returning to your mind.

       8. Do enough physical exercise

suicidal thoughtsThe health benefits of an active life are innumerable. From cardiovascular disease to overweight/obesity, it helps prevent 10s of medical conditions. Physical exercises have been shown to reduce the effects of depression and anxiety. It can be hard to do exercises if you feel depressed, but you could do it better by setting up a schedule to play sports with a friend or go for a 45 minute walk daily. This will not only improve your mental health to think clearly and healthily but also to sleep better, which is essential for healthy brain functions.

      9. Get enough sleep

Depression can sometimes change your sleep patterns, so you sleep too much or not enough. Research has shown that there is a link between deranged sleep patterns and suicidal thoughts. Getting enough restful sleep every night is enough to keep your head clear of any negative thinking. Therefore, do your best to sleep 7 to 8 hours every night. Visit our Sleep section for simple tips to sleep like newborn without taking drugs.

  1. Seek Professional Help

Seek help from a professional right away in case the feeling to end your life becomes irresistible. Suicidal ideation may seem insurmountable and there is no reason to fight them alone. Ask a professional to help you by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255, or The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: 1-888-333-AFSP (2377). These services employ people trained to listen and offer help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to people like you; they can help.

Suicidal thoughts and feelings are very serious things. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Life is worth living; tomorrow can be beautiful if you know how to build it today. Life may be hard, sometimes cruel, but this is not the end. Whether at professional or personal level, we go through moments that can be very difficult to overcome. But even if life does not spare us from suffering and disappointment it does not put us on the path of trials that we could not overcome. Do your best (to solve the problem), pray and believe, and you will see your life will shine though. Suicidal thoughts will be things of the past in your life.

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