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15 Ways to Make Money In College Easily

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ways to make money in college

Learning some ways to make money in college can make things so much easier for you if you are not from a wealthy family. This video will open up your mind and give you several ideas how to put cash in your pocket while trying to earn a college degree. Depending on the way you decide to make money, you may continue to earn income after graduation, and possibly for the rest of your life.

There are ways to make money that can put cash in your pocket immediately and ways that yield a higher amount but may take longer to cash in. Compare all alternatives and choose the option best suits your individuality.

In this post, you will learn some simple and easy ways to make money in college while continuing your education either online or on campus.

  1. Turn Your Hobby into A Side Hustle

Some people are very creative and good with their hands. You can turn your hobby into a side hustle to make extra money. If you are good at sewing or crocheting you can make clothes for your college friends or make them a hat end scarf or blanket. Some men and women love to cook and college students are always looking for food. You can make money selling breakfast, lunch or dinner. Perhaps you had a father uncle that taught you how to work on cars. Advertise your mechanical skills and work on your classmates car to earn cash. If you simply love to read and write, you can read books and do reports or draft papers for your classmates.

  1. Become A Freelance Social Media Manager

Being skilled in social media today can give you unlimited ways to make money while you’re in college. There are many people looking for someone to manage their social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok.

  1. Earn Money Shopping Online

You can make money shopping online. There are merchants and other companies that will pay to use a certain product or service. Some of these require a small out of pocket amount while others will send these items to you for free and pay for your use and/or opinions.

  1. Become An Online Tutor

There are lots of websites where you can find online tutor jobs: tutor.com, Skooli, yup, tutorme, Outschool, and others. As a college student, you can tutor anyone as long as you meet the company’s requirement. You can teach English or other languages you know. You can also tutor any academic subject with which you are comfortable.

  1. Running Errands

You can run an ad or post Flyers stating you are looking for extra cash and are willing to run errands. people lead very busy lives and either don’t have time or don’t want to run errands. You can run the errands for them and set your own price. Some errands are really quick like dropping off clothes at the dry cleaner and others involved grocery shopping. You can pick which areas you want or do not want to do

  1. Rideshare Driver

You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard of Uber or Lyft. These are two very popular rideshare companies however, there are a few others. Many rideshare companies offer a sign on bonus or a bonus based on a certain number of rides. Once you reach that number, you get a bonus.

  1. Delivery Driver

Being a delivery driver can be very lucrative and many times you will get tips to put money in your pocket regularly. There are many apps that had offer delivery jobs and opportunities such as door dash and Grubhub. Some restaurants still hire individuals to do their deliveries without going through other companies. Pizza restaurants are always looking for someone to deliver pizzas.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant can’t put cash in your pocket right away or you may have to wait for the schedule payday. Either way, it’s a way for college students to make money. Maybe you can offer a service that’s related to what’s you’re studying in college. If you are you a fast typist, a writer, graphic designer or customer service rep, you may be able to find a virtual assistant position in your field of expertise.

  1. Baby Sit

ways to make money in collegeParents are always looking for college students that are willing to babysit. This could be a one-time gig or a regular job for you.

  1. House Sit

Many people take extended vacations or work out of town for long periods of time and they do not want their house left empty so they hire how sitters. This would be a great opportunity to get away from the dorm and have a sense of freedom as well as making money.

  1. Pet Sit/Dog Walker

If you are a pet lover then you would enjoy pet sitting or dog walking. Until a few years ago pet owners would ask their neighbors or friends to keep an eye on their dog while they were out or gone for an extended period of time However, now they hire individuals like yourself 2 pet sit or walk their dog curious

  1. Sell Your Study Materials

Spelling your study materials can Be a way to make money while in college. You can sell your notes, books you are no longer using or any other study materials you may have purchased or acquired. Some of websites you can sell your Study Materials on include:

  • Nexus Notes
  • Course Hero
  • Notesale
  • Notesgen
  • Notesmate
  • NoteXchange.
  1. Watch Videos

Many companies will pay you to watch specific videos and provide feedback. Pay close attention because some offer cash, gift cards, points or rewards. in most cases a college student wants to make money. Some of companies that that pay viewers to watch their videos include:

  • iRazoo
  • Earnably
  • Swagbucks
  • InboxDollars
  • MyPoints
  • KashKick
  • SuccessBux
  • Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel
  1. Apply For Scholarships/Grants

Applying and receiving scholarships and grants is a way you can make money while you earn college. Some scholarships and grants specify how the money can be used but many do not. You simply qualify because you’re in college or whatever category they are requesting.

  1. Start A Business

Have you ever dreamed of your own? This may be the perfect time while you are in college and more than likely could use some extra pocket money. Perhaps you’re interested in real estate you can learn how to become a wholesaler and you may be able to get started even if you do not have anything to invest. This type of business could prove to be lucrative way beyond your college years. There are so many things you could choose to start a business. You can offer a product but you can also offer a service. It’s a good idea to make a list of things you like to do or are interested in and the skills that you already have.

This will help you narrow down what type of business you want to start. If you are looking for cash right away then you want to start a business that can give you an almost an immediate return. Young children often open a lemonade stand or wash cars on Saturday. You won’t get rich doing either of these things but you will have some money that day.

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