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20 ways to make your man crave you

by Delarno
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ways to make your man crave you

Remember ladies there are a lot of ways to make your man crave for you. The better you make him feel the better he will make you feel in return. If making him feel good is what you are aimed at doing then keep watching this video.

In this article, you will discover 20 tips on how to make your man feel good and crave for you. All the tips mentioned are scientifically proven to work…So, no worry, they will work for you to. They are all very simple and easy to apply. Adopting them in your relationship will be rewarding to both you and him. So like the old saying goes “kill two birds with one stone“.

Here are 20 simple tips on how to make your make crave for you:

1) Being Grateful
It feels good to deal with a grateful person. It is the same in relationship. It makes a man feel good inside when he is able to do things that make a woman feel special without being asked to or expected to. If a man is offering to buy you dinner, let him. Don’t make the common mistake that a lot of women do by trying to be his equal offering to pay for your own way. If it was his suggestion and invite then I’m pretty sure he was planning on buying it for you.


Don’t get me wrong a lot of men do like a woman that can take care of herself supporting her own finances completely but there are times when you have to let your guard down and let him feel like the man on occasion. Men don’t really care for a woman that is too needy either example always asking him to buy her gifts and to give her money all the time this is very unattractive. It leaves them feeling unworthy and frustrated inside and it will make them feel like they will never be able to completely please her feeling like enough is never going to be enough, she will always want more, more, more!!! Remember when he does something nice smile and receive this with gratitude> It will be kind and rewarding to the both of you.

2) Treat your man as a protector
Let him have the responsibility of making you feel safe with him and let him protect you from whatever is making you feel uneasy. Express to him the by showing him that you trust him and letting him handle the situation, this will make him feel very masculine and in charge of things.

3) Be caring and kind
The way you treat your man is important. Something every man values is a good woman who treat him like he is her number one priority. Show him how much you love and respect him especially in front of others. Men love to feel important and needed. Always talk kindly to him never putting him down, remember words stick and can never be taken back so watch the things you say when your frustrated and angry try calming yourself down for a few minutes before you open your mouth to later regrets.

4) Being Independent
It is a real turn on when a man sees a woman who relies on her own independent self to take care of her own wants and needs. A woman who gets up goes to work and provides for herself without depending on others to step up and cover for her. A woman who sets goals and sees something she wants and works hard to get it.

5) Wearing Nice Clothing and fragrances
There are a ton of different smells and styles that women all differ with their own taste and choice. A smell of a woman’s perfume can remind a man of her and linger in his nose for a lifetime. It is important to always smell good. Choose a fragrance with a soft not overbearing smell one that will tingle his senses with pure delight. I wouldn’t recommend a strong musky smell. It will make him think of a harsh old woman with an unpleasant smell. Always try to wear clothing that compliment your attractive shapely features. This is very catching to the eye.

Do not always wear the clothes that are big and comfy like sweat pants and t shirts although at times this can be attractive to as long as you space the time in between so you have days of expressing your sex appeal and your days of just relaxing and being comfy in whatever. Every man likes a woman that looks like a well- kept sexy woman. It makes him feel good and at times a bit jealous when they see another person looking your way. Just Knowing that your attention is fully on them and that they get to wear you on their arm.

6) Youthfulness spiritways to make your man crave you
Try to come up with some different ideas that are exciting and fun, plan something that will heighten his adrenaline and make thoughtful memories together, it doesn’t have to always be based sexually, although this can be a lot of fun as well, for instance go to an amusement park or maybe go bowling a little competitive gaming is always great. Maybe suggest going for pizza instead of a fancy dinner. Try to remember some of the things you enjoyed in your younger years and plan an adventurous night out together he will love this!

7) Your appearance
It shows a man a lot about that individual woman when she takes very good care of herself. It is always appealing to men to be able to look at a woman and can see the time she has spent on her body making beautiful everything she can. Always stay with a nice manicure and pedicure. A lot of men admit that feet attract them. It is a plus when he can look at a woman’s feet and see them well- groomed.

8) Keep your hair clean and Pretty
A lot of women have this idea that men don’t really care what the hair looks like as long as her body and face look good but it is quite the opposite. Studies have shown that hair is on the top of the list when men are asked what attracts them to a woman. always try to maintain a look that fits you best. Women with a more mature style will sometimes attract a man because it reminds him of his mother makes him feel a comfort inside

ways to make your man crave you9) Having curves with a sexy shape
All men appreciate a woman with sexy curves. It easily catches most men’s eye. Wearing form fitting clothes that show off her curves will have them at full attention with all eyes on you!! Be careful not to show to much skin this could lead to jealousy but select an outfit that leaves them chasing after you like a little lost puppy.

10) A good sense of humor
Every man loves to see a woman smile. One that has a sense of humor, one that can make him laugh and one that he can make laugh and smile knowing that he caused that smile to appear. As long as she isn’t one that overdoes it too much by laughing at everything if It’s funny or not and always keeping a big dumb looking smile on her face all the times.

11) Having a Sweet voice
A voice can trigger sensations with just words spoken in a certain way.an example would be when she whispers softly in his ear. complete turn on to a man. If a woman tends to speak loud and obnoxiously this can shatter the attractiveness all by itself. A woman’s voice has the power to seduce and send a man into a complete state of love.

12) Show them attention
What man doesn’t like to feel important? It is a must to show them special treatment giving them your utmost attention. Especially when they are talking to you telling you something even if it boring you.

13) Tasty cookingways to make your man crave you
A suggestive idea of what kind of life he could have with you. A visualizing idea of you being a wife to him and a mother to his children. Always try to show a man how good you would be at being his dedicated loving wife and being able to have and take fine care of his future family. A good suggestion to you would be for you to ask him what kind of meals are his favorite also ask him if he has any of his mother’s recipe. This will ring bells and bring him back to a special memory of when he was young.

14) Be creative
It is attractive to a man to be able to walk in and find a well- kept maintained clean home, this will leave him with a warm comfy feeling of being at home. When a woman can take something old and make it look brand new this makes them have a visual of a house turning into and becoming a home a visual of a family and a woman that can create this for him all by herself. Somewhere he would like to spend his off hours with you together. A comfortable safe place to be. Colors you choose should be well researched before purchasing them. They can have a huge impact on everyone and their overall moods

15) Be honest
Always try to be as honest as you can with him. Nobody likes to be lied to! It is not uncommon for a man to test his woman sometimes just to find out if she will tell the truth that’s why being honest is important, it will show him who you are and if they can trust you or not. Trust is very important to keep a relationship alive without it there is nothing but fighting and anger. Respect your man tell him the truth even if it hard for you.

16) Smile
It makes a man feel good when he is able to see that he has put a smile on your face. A smile usually represents being happy. It is kind of self- rewarding to them to know that whatever they just said or did brought this expression to your face. Make sure you always have that smile at the appropriate time, It can cause him to feel really bad inside if he isn’t trying to be funny but is trying to talk to you in a serious manner and you smile instead of taking this more seriously. It may make him feel as if some how you are laughing at him and what he is telling you

17) Tease him
This shows him that he is attractive to you and makes him feel good inside. You can do this in so many different ways here are some examples for you to try. You can seduce his mind by simply twisting your hair around your finger while having a look of sweet innocence about you, whispering a few seductive things in his ear to let him know what it is your wanting from him, giving him a full body massage with oil and sweetly caressing his body occasionally, by pressing your own body against him while doing so.

In addition, send him a text while he is at working telling him what you have planned special for the two of you when he arrives home, touching yourself in front of him and telling him how much you want him inside of you or running a simple bubble bath with lit candles and soft music playing inviting him to join you. Be creative find out his likes and dislikes and aim at pleasing him. This will sure please him and you will be rewarded by him at the same time. Everyone becomes a winner

ways to make your man crave you18) Fitness and healthy eating
This says a lot about what kind of woman you are. Taking interest in your and body and health is very pleasing and attractive to a guy and it shows him how you work hard to make sure you look good to please him. It shows him that you care about your body.

19) Having confidence
Every man likes it when a woman feels good about herself. It is well known that the better she feels the more she will show it. She will be more open to trying new things in the bedroom and being more relaxed when she is confident with the way she looks.

20) Compliment him
It always makes a man feel sexy when he’s told by his wife or girlfriend that he is attractive. Do this by focusing on the certain things that caught your eye and attracted you in the beginning. Tell him often how much you appreciate him being a hard worker and ask him to fix little things here and there so that he feels like the alpha in the relationship. Make a special meal that he loves and when you sit down to eat tell him that you did this because you love him and he deserves to be treated like a king. If anything at all this will inspire him to work harder knowing that you appreciate him and all that he does for you.

Thank you for reading to the end. Kindly, comment your tips below

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