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14 Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Benefits

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Arabinoxylan foods

Arabinoxylan is a dietary fiber found in cereal grains such as rice, oats, corn, wheat, and barley. It is used as an alternative medicine for many health issues including weight loss, fungal infections, diabetes, constipation and promotes hair growth. It may also help fight constipation and certain cancers. In fact, it is the main ingredients in Biobran MGN-3, now Peak Immune 4, an all-natural immunity booster which can triple natural killer cell activity B- and T- cell counts. It is believed that arabinoxylan changes the makeup of bacteria in our guts and reduces the amount of sugar and cholesterol that is absorbed in the stomach and intestines.

Are you tired of fighting the woes of health conditions related to being overweight or stomach problems? You may need to include Arabinoxylan in your diet. This is particularly important if obesity and gut problems contributes to your other health conditions.

In this article, you will learn 14 health benefits of arabinoxylan.

Arabinoxylan supplement

  1. Maintain Gastrointestinal Health

Arabinoxylan can help promote a healthy gastrointestinal system because of its fundamental dietary fiber. It is thought that it functions as a prebiotic and maintains an ideal balance of flora in the intestines.

  1. Boosts Immune System

Whether you suffer from a medical condition or not, you need to boost your immune system by increasing the activity in your white blood cells. This enhances your body’s ability to destroy abnormal cells before they have a chance to spread and fight infections. When your body is in a disease state or stressed your immune system becomes overloaded and sluggish leaving you susceptible to infection and other illnesses. Your immune system is also weekend when you undergo certain treatments such as chemotherapy. It is difficult for a weak immune system to preventing cancer cells from spreading, to fight infections and other illnesses that take a hold of your body. Arabinoxylan is believed to boosts the immune system to fight a host of diseases and disorders to keep you healthier.

  1. Improve Diabetes

There has been some early research that shows eating foods fortified with arabinoxylan for 4-5 weeks can lower blood sugar levels an insulin in people with type 2 diabetes. Arabinoxylan is also said to slow the absorption of sugar and improve the blood glucose levels. In part of a 2016 study in the European Journal of Nutrition, adults with prediabetes were fed arabinoxylan right before bed. The study showed better glucose control and increased insulin sensitivity. The conclusion was arabinoxylan may aid in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and help people with prediabetes avoid progressing to clinical diabetes.

  1. Lower Triglycerides

Triglycerides are blood fat which could increase the risk of liver and pancreas problem. In addition, High triglycerides levels may contribute to hardening of the arteries or thickening of the artery walls (arteriosclerosis), which can lead to stroke, heart attack and heart disease. Research has shown that eating a diet fortified with arabinoxylan for six weeks lowers blood sugar and triglycerides levels in the blood.

  1. Fight Fungal Infections

Arabinoxylan aids in strengthening the plant cells that service storage elements for phenolic acids such as furoic acid. These phenolic acids serve several biological functions in the plant including defense against fungal infections.

  1. May Fight Cancer

There was a research study on Bio/Bran/MGN-3 Arabinoxylan, a standardized arabinoxylan concentrate which was proposed as a plant based immunomodulator that can restore tumor induced disturbances of the natural immune system including natural killer cell activity that can fight cancer complementing conventional therapies. The arabinoxylan concentrate was shown to possess anti-cancer effects and can work synergistically with chemotherapeutic agents in vitro. It was shown to act against carcinogenic agents and inhibit tumor growth either by itself or in combination with other anti-cancer compounds. Some researchers believe that can prevent cancer by protecting cellular DNA from the oxidative stress that triggers malignant growth. Some of these beliefs are supported by research.

  1. May Increase Survival Rate of Cancer Patients

A study published in the anti-Cancer Research reported that arabinoxylan supplements improved outcomes in adults treated for liver cancer. There was a three-year trial involving 68 adults that had stage one and stage 3 hepatocellular your carcinoma. They found when the supplement is taken daily in combination with standard cancer therapies increase survival times. The research study also revealed that the two-year survival rate in people giving a rabona Exelon was 35% compared to 7% of those who were given a placebo. the study also showed that there was a significantly lower risk of cancer reoccurrence (32% versus 47%). Although further investigation is warranted, the results so far are very promising. Increased testing and research are being completed on natural alternative treatments.

  1. Fights Free Radicals

Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cellular, causing illness and pre-mature aging. In fact, they are damaging not only to your DNA, but cell membranes, lipids, proteins, and are linked to a host of diseases. Arabinoxylan is believed to have antioxidant effect to fight free radicals.

  1. Fights Obesity

Arabinoxylan’s ability to lower blood sugars and increase metabolism may very help you to lose weight. This can be an effective source for people fighting obesity. There is growing evidence to support this theory however, more research needs to be done.

  1. Prevents Constipation

The British Journal of nutrition had a study in 2012 in which 63 adults were provided 1000 milligrams of arabinoxylan-enriched wheat brand daily. They experienced a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of constipation after just three weeks. Arabinoxylan is an insoluble fiber that helps move food through the digestive system rapidly which prevents constipation reducing the risk of diverticular disease.

  1. Promotes Hair growth

Arabinoxylan is believed to promote hair growth and make hair healthier partially due to it conditioning properties. You may need to continue taking it for at least 3 months to start seeing noticeable results.

  1. Speed Recovery of Bacterial Infections

Are you experiencing Food poisoning and cold symptoms? Consider increase your arabinoxylan. The theory behind this is that the compound stimulates the immune system which in turn speeds of the recovery time after food poisoning and cold symptoms.

  1. Relieve Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the joint and bone the causes stiffness, inflammation and pain. Arabinoxylan can reduce the bodies inflammatory response which provides symptomatic relief to inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis.

  1. Relieve Allergies

Arabinoxylan anti-inflammatory properties can provide allergy relief by suppressing the storehouses of histamine that cause most allergy symptoms.

Unlike most natural supplements, there has been some very encouraging human trial clinical research studies conducted on Biobran MGN-3 arabinoxylan and much is published in medical journals. Some research has taken place at UCLA slash Drew University in the United States. Dr Mamdooh Ghoneum is a professor at the Department of Immunology at Drew University and internationally recognized as an authority on cancer immune therapy. It is time to get on board when someone with his credentials believes that Biobran MGN-3 arabinoxylan is the most powerful immune complex he has ever tested.

Research on arabinoxylan has taken place in Europe at hospitals, clinics, universities and medical research institutions in Japan and all over the world. They are discovering more benefits of arabinoxylan as we speak.

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