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13 Vaginal Detox Benefits and 6 Tip for A Healthy Vagina

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Vaginal detox is an alternative treatment where a person sits or squats over a hot pot of steaming water consisting of herbal remedies to cleanse and enhance the vagina and the internal reproductive organs.

A new and easier alternative consisting of inserting a detox stick in the vagina for a few minutes to neutralize and kill all unhealthy pathogens while promoting an acidic vaginal environment.

People that support vaginal detox believe that it enhances the blood flow, increases fertility, reduces menstrual symptoms and promotes healing by absorbing the herbal steam through the pores. People have called the practice a “facial” for the vagina because they believe it offers many health benefits. Vaginal detoxing has recently gained popularity as a do it yourself (DIY) treatment in homes and many modernized spas. The method of steaming the genitals has been used by those who were assigned female at birth, transmasculine, non-binary and intersex people.

In this video you will learn 13 benefits of vaginal detoxing from ancient times that are the same today and regained popularity in the 21st Century. Please subscribe to our channel to signal YouTube to increase our viewers. Stay with us until the end and we will tell 6 tips to maintain a clean and healthy vagina.


Before we move on to list of what benefits can be received through vaginal detoxing, please allow me to share some general information. The benefit beliefs of vaginal detoxing today are the same as they were centuries ago. Although vaginal detoxing had and still has various other names such as fumigating, v-steaming and yoni- steaming, anyone that has practiced this natural alternative treatment in ancient times and today believe in the same benefits regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, origin, race, religious practices or the method used to detoxify the vagina. Some of the places around the world that have practiced vaginal detoxing are Africa, Greece, Babylon, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and the United States.

You will not find much if any scientific evidence that shows proven benefits of vaginal detoxing yet it has been used all over the world for centuries to improve women’s health, especially the vagina and reproductive. There are many traditional and alternative treatments that have not been part of a clinical or research study, have contradictive information, believed to be myths or they have very little understanding of how the natural treatment works. For instance, many years ago, coffee was rumored to stunt growth and cause cancer.

Now that it has been studied in depth, researchers and scientists everywhere are praising a multitude of health benefits from drinking coffee and saying that these benefits far outweigh any negative impact that coffee may have. In other words, do you need to wait on the “powers to be” to understand the process and decide if vaginal detoxing is beneficial and exactly what those benefits are?

Here are 13 benefits of vaginal detox

Vaginal detox

  1. Helps Reduce Menstrual Symptoms

It is believed that this natural treatment can reduce menstrual symptoms like bloating and cramps plus this is thought to be one of the most important benefits of a vaginal detox.

  1. Helps Healing Post Childbirth

In Southeast Asia, 86% of women reported using vaginal steaming for self-care and to help with healing after childbirth. Southern and Central American cultures have also promoted vaginal steaming as a healing remedy after birth to tone the womb and repair damaged tissue.

  1. Rebalances Hormones

For hundreds of years two predominant herbs mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) and wormwood (artemisia herba) have been used in a steam bath mixture to balance female hormones. Wormwood is the “cooling herb” and has antimicrobial properties. Most of the antiviral and antibacterial properties come from the leaves of the herb.

  1. Helps Tighten the Vagina

There are people in Mozambique that practice vaginal steaming with the intention of tightening the vagina.

  1. Cleanses Vagina/Uterus/Reproductive Tract

Many women in Korea regularly steam their vagina after their monthly periods for the ultimate cleanse.

  1. Helps Decrease Headaches/Fatigue

Vaginal detox supporters state that this process can provide relief for women that suffer from headaches and fatigue.

  1. Promotes Bile Discharge

According to historical tradition the herb wormwood relaxes the blood vessels and promotes bile discharge and this helps with symptoms of diarrhea, parasite infections and Constipation.

  1. Detoxifying Womb

Detoxifying the womb is not only beneficial to keep your V section fresh, it also helps to shrink fibroids and ovarian cysts, increase fertility, and fight endometriosis symptoms such as Pelvic pain. Overall, the herbs are used to remove toxins from the body.

  1. Promotes A Healthy Digestive System

Vaginal steaming directs herb-infused steam into the vagina as well as your digestive system. In certain countries, such as South Korea, people use the herbal steam bath to aid in digestive disorder.

  1. Increases Fertility

Many people that practice Asian or holistic medicine believe that this natural treatment can help with gynecological problems, especially infertility. Tae-Cheong Choo, who teaches at Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles says he used to administer it to his patients in Korea, but now does not have the time to prepare the formula. He among many other strongly endorses chai-yok (vaginal steaming) treatment.

  1. Enhances Blood Flow

V-steaming is said to be effective in enhancing the blood flow by improving poor circulation and coldness in the lower portion of the body. When the blood flow or circulation is increased more nutrition is delivered throughout.

  1. Helps Relieve Menopause Symptoms

Today there are many menopausal and post-menopausal women that love vaginal steaming period. They state that this alternative treatment has done wonders for symptoms they’ve experienced during menopause such as vaginal dryness, decreased libido and phantom period symptoms like tender breasts, cramps and bloating.

  1. Alternative Hemorrhoid Treatment

Vaginal detox works wonders for relieving symptoms caused by hemorrhoids. This natural treatment for hemorrhoids is becoming more popular and for obvious reasons is often called pelvic steaming when men are involved. 

Here are 6 Tips to Maintain a Clean Healthy Vagina

  1. Use Unscented Soap

Some women like to use scented soaps because they want a sweet-smelling vagina. To clean your genitals, you should wash the inner and outer parts of the vulva with unscented soap and warm water. Perfumed soaps are harsh on your delicate vagina.

  1. Only Wash the Outside of The Vagina

No matter how much you are tempted, you should not put any soap inside of the vagina. The vagina is a self-cleansing organ and it does all the cleaning for you.

  1. Clean With Fingers

It is best to use your fingers to gently cleanse your genitals and skip on the washcloths that can sometimes be rough and irritate the skin.

  1. Check Water Temperature

Be sure the water temperature is not too hot as it will damage the sensitive skin on your vagina. It is best always use warm water to clean your genitals.

  1. Be Gentle

Some women forget how sensitive their genitals can be. When cleansing with fingers make sure you’re gentle and always pat them dry.

  1. Avoid Douching

In most cases you should avoid douching because it disrupts the natural bacteria and interferes with the pH balance in your vagina. Let the natural vaginal discharge do its job to keep your vagina in balance.

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