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Tribulus Terrestris Extract Can Change You Life Today

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Tribulus Terrestris Extract Can Change You Life Today

Tribulus Terrestris Amazing Health Benefits

Tribulus Terrestris grows in many parts of the world and has different name depending on the location: devil’s eyelashes, bindii, bullhead, small caltrops, cat’s-head, devil’s-thorn, puncture vine, devil’s-weed, burra gokharu, caltrop, puncturevine, goat’s-head, and tackweed.

It is considered by most as a star among dietary supplements against erectile dysfunction linked to low testosterone. It is indeed very famous now for its property in regulating the production  of this the main sex hormone.

In addition to increase libido, Tribulus Terrestris is also used to promote good mood and increase muscle mass. In certain countries, it is also known to relieve and reduce pain, protect the cardiovascular system and certain other organs of the body, particularly the liver and kidneys.

Resultado de imagen de rendimiento fisicoResearch on Health Benefits of Tribulus

Although this plant is mostly used to improve physical and sexual performance, this annual flowering plant has many other health benefits on the body and its functioning. In addition, many users claim to have obtained satisfaction in many areas such as more energy, good humor, improved heart function, reduced diabetes symptoms, stronger immune system, reduced inflammation, and improved kidney functions.


Libido, fertility and sexual tonic in women and animals

Tribulus terrestris health benefits are impressive. It has been used for hundreds of years in India and Eastern Europe to treat sexual problems in men as well as in women. Its effectiveness in increasing the quality and mobility of sperm, and boosts libido and enhance sexual performance has been tested in many countries such as Bulgaria.  In women, it was found to have the property to stimulate ovulation, and relieving perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

Laboratory Studies on animals have shown that Tribulus increases sperm production, and their tenacity and viability. It stimulates libido and sexual desire of the animals. Its ability to act as a sexual tonic appeared through the acceleration and intensification of sexual activity. The plant increases the levels of testosterone and stimulates sexual development in lambs. It was also shown that it treats impotence and improves semen production in rams. In wild boar, libido and sexual reflexes were restored after a long period of impotence.

Libido, fertility and sexual tonic in men

During a recent clinical study, 750 mg of tribulus terrestris extract were given to 212 men to assess the aphrodisiac potentiality of the plant. The results were amazing. There was an increased libido in 85% of subjects after 30 days of supplementation, and 94% of them after 60 days. In another study, the participants were given 750 mg of Tribulus for 60 days. At the end, there was significant increased sperm motility in 38 men who suffered with low sperm count (idiopathic oligospermia).

It is not over yet. In another study, improved ejaculation volume, and increased number and motility of sperm were also observed after 60 days of treatment with 1500 mg of tribulus terrestris extract in men with testicular atrophy and non-idiopathic oligospermia. Higher levels of testosterone were also observed. In the same study conducted on 14 patients with reduced libido, 12 showed considerable improvement after 30 days of taking a daily dose of 1500 mg of the supplement. The same researchers found that libido was improved in 27 subjects during another study conducted on a group of 36 patients suffering from chronic prostatitis for 5 years or less.

Tribulus terrestris extractOther Health Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

Restful Sleep – Being anabolic, this plant is also known to significantly increase endurance while helping to fight against fatigue, stress and insomnia. But the main reason it boosts endurance so well it maybe because it improves the quality of sleep. Most users claim it promotes deep, restful sleep. In fact a consumer made this statement: “it is magical the way this plant improves sleep and sex.” But as of today, there is no scientific research that confirms the plant can be beneficial in fighting insomnia and sleeplessness. Consumers make the claims based on their experience.

Good Mood – it is not just sex, tribulus is a plant of good humor par excellence. Providing a better balance of the nervous system, it promotes restful sleep and reduces the risk for stress and depression. Taking this plant will not only help you enjoy deep sleep every night but prevent or treat mild depression or transient stress. The fact it promotes good mood, tackweed is also ideal to combat nervousness, restlessness and irritability.

General Tonic – being rich in natural steroids (steroidal saponins), particularly protodioscin, diosgenin and dioscin, tribulus is recognized as a general tonic. It has a positive effect on physical strength and endurance. Used as an alternative to doping, athletes consider tribulus as a natural anabolic by helping them safely build muscle mass. In addition, this plant is known to combat chronic fatigue and greatly increase the speed of recovery after strenuous exercise.

Healthy Heart FunctionsTribulus Terrestris has particular plant steroid called tribulosin, which appears to have protective effects on the heart muscle. Study on rats showed tribulosin can protect cardiac cells from premature aging and accidental cellular death. This occurs at a remarkably low concentration which causes consumers to get all benefits by taking oral supplements.Resultado de imagen de sistema circulatorio

Although no studies on humans have yet been made to confirm it, this beneficial effect on the heart is a very promising. In addition, its beta-sitosterol content allows the Tribulus to protect the entire cardiovascular system from potential disease. Indeed, the plant is capable of reducing circulation disorders, more particularly hypertension. It is also able to convert the bad fats in the blood into energy, allowing users to have more strength and endurance naturally. Research has revealed that Tribulus can reduce the risk of angina by dilating the coronary arteries, for better oxygenation of the heart. Moreover, the extract is ideal for health in general due to its properties to improve blood circulation.

Preventing and Controlling Diabetes – According to a study on rats, Tribulus Terrestris is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. In fact, the study suggests that the protective effect of the plant on the streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats can result in the inhibition of oxidative stress and the significant reduction in glucose levels in the blood. The plant can thus help prevent not only against the risk of developing diabetes but also the complications of the disease.

Healthy Immune Function – Tribulus has a stimulating activity on the cells of the immune system. This significantly strengthens the natural defenses of the body to fight infection and other pathogenic attacks. Research on animals has shown that Tribulus has protective properties on certain organs, mainly liver and kidneys, from oxidative damage. Beta-sitosterol content in this plant also enables it to effectively protect the organs of the urinary tract and the prostate gland.

• Anti-inflammatory – during a lab study, the scientists observed that the tribulus terrestris extract inhibited the expression of inflammatory mediators (molecules inside the body that play a role in inflammation), in connection with the expression of inflammatory cytokines (small proteins that stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation), which had a beneficial effect on various inflammatory diseases, including arthritis and inflammation of the mouth and throat.

Preventing and Treating Kidney and Urinary Problems – in many parts of the world tribulus is often indicated to treat kidney and urinary problems such as cystitis, urethritis. For instance, it is effective in the prevention of kidney stones and urinary calculi (stones).

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