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7 Casino Bonus Types and Tricks Online Casinos Use to Fool Gamblers

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7 Casino Bonus Types And Tricks Online Casinos Use To Fool Gamblers

7 Casino Bonus Tricks Used by Online Casinos

A casino bonus is often generated by a code in order to attract gamblers. Somehow it can be useful for new players who want to optimize their gambling experience without spending their own money. But these offers increase the likelihood for the casinos to trick the players to continue to play longer on their website.

Free cash at the beginning of a game for example, also known as the welcome or no deposit casino bonus,  provides money to new players to allow them to explore the casino websites and this gives them an extra boost so they do not have to worry about losing their fund at the beginning. These bonuses give players the feeling that they control their own betting future without any risk, but behind these so-called opportunities there is a manipulation on the subconscious mind.

When these promotions are over, these gamblers want to play more and want to experience more fun with less risk of losing real money. But the truth, these casinos need more customers so they can make more profit. These offers are a taste to become a real gambler.Popular Ways to Cheat Online Casinos - Does Cheating Even Work? This is why casinos see bonuses as an essential element to attract new players, often because it is precisely these people who return gambling their own money in years to come.

No wonder why no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players have spread on the internet. Experienced players who have already played on several casino sites do not even know how to count the number of bonuses they have already received and used; offers are everywhere. It is clear that these bonuses give a better sense of security about their budget to bet and this gives more sensation while they play as long as they can wager more money.


In this article you will discover how these casinos manipulate people like you with their no deposit casino coupon codes to become real players, sometimes addicted gamblers.

Discover 7 Casino Bonus Types commonly used to trick gamblers

  1. The Welcome Bonus

This is what most online casinos will use in advertisements to entice you to click their ad and become a member of their gambling sites. Most of the welcome bonuses you will come across are advertised in percentages. The bonuses come as percentages and they range from as low as 50% to as high as 500% of your total deposited gambling capital. You will only get to access them when you sign up on the website and make your first deposit. Although betting sites seem to be so generous by giving gamblers such hefty bonus amounts, sometimes they chain you because you won’t be able to withdraw your money until you use at least 25% of your total bankroll and you cannot withdraw the bonus amount until after a certain period like 90 days.

  1. Loyalty Points

Yes, in online betting, you are given a bonus for being loyal to your gambling provider by consistently giving them your money. The reason why such programs are there is simply to encourage gamblers to bet more. Why would they do that? Because there will be a very huge reward at the end and in most cases the reward will be in the 5 to 6 figure range. With most Casinos, the only way to access such programs is for you to have an extended relationship with the particular betting site or Casino by becoming a VIP member. In a simple way, it is like you keep losing hundreds of dollar to earn a few loyalty points.

  1. Payment method bonus

A range of casinos will have a promotion to promote a certain payment method that they prefer. Normally this happens with Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) as this e-commerce platform was made primarily for online gambling activities more than anything else. So online casino’s would do their best to make sure that each new member who signs up using the portal gets at least a 20% casino bonus when they deposit funds using Skrill.Billing – MindMeister Help

Some online Casinos will even give a bonus when a person deposits using a cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

  1. Reload Bonus

Most people have a tendency to deposit once, lose all their money because they will be gambling without a strategy and forget about it. So, as a response to such people, online casinos came up with the reload bonus, a type of casino bonus offer for players who previously made a deposit once in an online casino. That is, this bonus follows the first deposit. The goal of the reload bonus is simple; it is in the best interest of the online casino if you keep on depositing more money into their account. 

  1. The refer a friend bonus

This is one of the most popular online casino bonuses and the best for marketing. As the name implies, with this bonus, you’ll get paid for referring a friend via social sharing or word of mouth. You will get a bonus when the friend you have referred to the site visits the site, signs up and makes his/her first deposit.   

  1. Free trial without deposit

To boost your confidence in a particular online casino, most of those give free trial no deposit casino coupon codes to attract new players. With the free trial, you will get free access to all the available games and betting with virtual currency. So the free trial can be classified as risk free since you won’t have to deposit anything into the casino’s account.

The fact that you don’t deposit anything for a free trial also means that you cannot withdraw anything either even if you place winning bets.

  1. Cash-Back Bonus

Let’s say that you were playing and you lose, if you were on a cashback plan, you will get back a certain percentage of your money. The cashback bonus is just there as a consolation to those players who are quick to get their balance into the red within a very short period. The cash back casino bonus is usually great for new players who are just practicing or those who do not have enough confidence in their skills.

The bonuses of online casinos work on the principle of offering little to players in order to make big by offering players free money or free play time where they can try their luck longer for the same amount of money, and then become regular gamblers. Diferentes tipos de bonos en los casinos en línea - Rushbet.coIndeed, online casinos can offer thousands of dollars in bonuses, but it is necessary to understand this is business; they will never offer to lose in return. Therefore, assess each offer to determine if it can benefit you or not.

Regardless, the bonuses are structured in such a way that the player can only withdraw money under certain conditions, in particular by obliging the player to play a certain number of times the amount of the bonus, which is what is called Wagering Requirements, the amounts you will need to bet in order to release your casino bonus winnings into your Main Cash Balance. These conditions are usually quite restrictive; so read the requirements carefully.

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