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7 Most Shocking Quotes about John Kennedy Assassination and the CIA Involvement

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7 Most Shocking Quotes about John Kennedy Assassination and the CIA Involvement

The assignation of Kennedy has been a victory for some and lost for others. In the heart of many, the death remains a mysterious wound which will never fully heal. Regardless, rumors continue circulating, and life goes on.

Here 7 Most Shocking Quotes about John F. Kennedy Assassination that involve the CIA and FBI in the murder:


“We took care of Kennedy . . . The hit in Dallas was just like any other operation we’d worked on in the past.” —Sam Giancana to his brother



“The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy.” —Final Report, House Select Committee of Assassinations (HSCA), 1979


“We don’t have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle. No one has been able to put him in that building with a gun in his hand.” —Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry, quoted by United Press International, November 5, 1969


“He looked far ahead and he wanted to change a great deal. Perhaps it is this that is the key to the mystery of the death of President John F. Kennedy.” — Mikhail Gorbachev, former Premier of the Soviet Union


“I told the FBI what I had heard [two shots from behind the grassy knoll fence], but they said it couldn’t have happened that way and that I must have been imagining things. So I testified the way they wanted me to. I just didn’t want to stir up any more pain and trouble for the family.” — Ken O’Donnell, former Special Assistant to JFK


“I came to the conclusion that there was some sort of conspiracy, probably involving the mob, anti-Castro Cuban exiles, and maybe rogue CIA agents.” — Frank Mankiewicz, former press secretary to RFK


“After Kennedy was killed, the CIA launched a fantastic cover-up. Many of the facts about Oswald unavoidably pointed to a Cuban connection…..In a chilling parallel to their cover-up at Watergate, the CIA literally erased any connection between Kennedy’s assassination and the CIA.” — H.R. “Bob” Haldeman, former Nixon chief of staff

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