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Debbie Rowe, Former Michael Jackson’s Wife Has Breast Cancer

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Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe, the former wife of Michael Jackson and mother of Prince Michael and Paris Jackson, diagnosed with cancer.

The Ex of the king of Pop who had recently sought custody of her two children, Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson, is diagnosed with breast cancer. The information has been recently revealed by TMZ.

She began treatment with confidence to overcome the tumor. “I’m a fighter and I always have been,” she stated. She will undergo surgical therapy next week to remove the tumor, reports TMZ. The news was confirmed on Monday by several mediatic sources.

Debbie Rowe was married to Michael Jackson from 1996 to 1999. She met the king of pop when she was a nurse at the health center where Michael was being treated for his skin disease, vitiligo. They began dating shortly after Michael has broken with Lisa Marie Presley, in the 90s. The couple gave birth to two children: Paris Jackson, now 18, and Prince Jackson, 19 years. Debbie Rowe is now 57 years old.


Since the death of Michael there is no real connection between Rowe and her children. It is not known all the reasons why the children cut ties with their mother to be closer to their grand-mother, Katherine Jackson. In fact, even with this sad news the children do not make any loving comments.

Debbie Rowe, however, accuses the Jackson family to influence the children to treat her so differently. She wrote on her Facebook page: ” One of the saddest things in the world is to see a child grow up hating one of their parents because they have only heard one side of the story and been brainwashed.”

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