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7 Worst Miley Cyrus Scandals (so far)

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7 Worst Miley Cyrus Scandals (so far)

Miley Cyrus causes a scandal whenever she gets the chance to; and this is not new, her controversial life started since 2008 when she was barely 15. That year, the Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana published a picture of her wearing a white camisole, showing her left breast.

In the pole dancing in 2009, the young singer continued to shake the music world by her performance “Party in the USA” at the Teen Choice Awards gala, where she indulged in a pole dancing session, almost as an erotic dancer.

Here are Top 7 Worst Scandals of Miley Cyrus:

7. Naked for Vanity Fair magazine


A few months after the controversial photo in bra, Cyrus poses completely naked for Vanity Fair magazine… Again, the media, bloggers and parents showed their outrage for the presence of a nude teenager on the front page of a magazine… Never mind critics of the press, Miley Cyrus would continue her provocative actions in the following years.

6. Drugs

In 2010, the young super star faulted when a video shows her smoking in what appears to be a “Drug paraphernalia”… The singer defends herself by saying that it was not marijuana or hashish (or hash), but salvia (Salvia divinorum), a legal herb in the mint family used to produce hallucinogenic experiences.

5. Explicit Sexual Scenes

In the video for the song “We Can’t Stop” which was published in 2013, It shows dozens of sexually explicit scenes, where Miley Cyrus simulates pornographic scenes with her cronies… In fact, in 2012, about a year before the publishing of the video, young Miley had a haircut to openly tell the world she wanted to cut with the old Miley Cyrus… Apparently, she has successfully done so.

4. MTV Video Music Awards
Shortly after her pornographic behavior, Cyrus was chosen to sing in the Video Music Awards along with Robin Thicke… She pretends to touch herself intimately with a giant foam finger, in addition to wearing a tiny beige suit, giving the impression she was naked on stage… The press immediately made a scandal of it, and some bloggers took the story to portray Miley Cyrus like a real slut.

3. Topless

In case you don’t figure out yet, it is all about sex when it comes to Miley Cyrus… In 2013, the pop star went to the iHeart Radio Music Festival for a performance, she wore a white dress, but transparent, through which people can easily see her breasts… Anyway, she had the courtesy to put pasties, a decorative covering for the nipple worn mostly by strippers.

2. Completely Naked (Wrecking Ball)
Clearly, topless was not enough for Miley. In 2013 she offered her greatest controversial performance of her career in the video clip “Wrecking Ball”… Taken from her album Bangerz, Wrecking Ball shows Miley Cyrus completely naked on a demolition ball… The clip causes turn heads, for some, with admiration, for others, with disgust and incomprehension.

1. Sex Tape
In early 2015, a sex tape of Miley Cyrus surfaced. In which the provocative Miley and her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, having sex, reportedly used to immortalize their lovemaking… The pop star claimed she wanted to shoot, view and delete the footage and photos, but the video leaked, which ended up costing her her privacy; as if Miley really bothered!

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