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5 Ways to Make Money On YouTube Without AdSense

by Delarno
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Make money on youtube

Some people make a fortune on YouTube. Would you like to become one of them? If your answer is yes, let’s first consider the humble beginning.

To get approved for YouTube monetization your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers and accumulate at least 4000 hours of views within the last 12 months. Even when you meet these criteria, if you have a strike or reused content, YouTube can demonetize your videos.

Do you know there are many ways to make money on YouTube without AdSense? This video will show you some options to earn income as a YouTuber. The days are long gone where everyone gets on YouTube just for entertainment. People are making huge amounts of money by using this platform and it’s time you get in on some of this action. We can give you some ideas on increasing your finances whether you are a new content creator or an experience youtuber that needs to make more money.

In this post, you will learn 5 ways to make money on YouTube without AdSense.


  1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a means to raise money from a large group of people in order to finance a project or product. This practice allows you to reach potential investors around the globe via Internet and to showcase your product or idea. There are various types of crowdfunding and you should research to determine which type would be best for you. Donation based crowdfunding Our campaigns where you can receive donations and do not have to give anything in return. Charity cases, social causes and nonprofits use this option the most. An example would be GoFundMe, Crowdrise and RocketHub. Debt-base or lending crowdfunding it’s just what it sounds like, It is similar to a loan at the bank except you raise funds from individuals in return for interest on the funds however, the rates are usually lower than bank loans.

Lending Club, prosper and Funding Circle provide this type of crowdfunding. Kickstarter, Fundable and Indiegogo Are in a category called rewards crowdfunding. This is where an individual would receive a reward in return for the amount of money given for a project or product. Angel list, equity net and circle up are part of equity crowdfunding which allows investors to buy small share in a business.

  1. Affiliate Sponsorship

Affiliate sponsorship is when a company and a YouTuber become partners via affiliate codes or links. The viewers use these codes to get discounts or the receives a certain percentage of the sale. This usually brings in smaller income however becoming an affiliate is not very difficult. as a you tuber you would get a unique link or code and once your viewers use that code, you’ll earn a small Commission from the sale. Your job is to inform those viewers about the link by leaving a description or adding it into the video.

It may be a good idea for you to begin with the Amazon’s affiliate program as they are one of the largest. since the income is based on the products you sell you may want to focus on the more expensive ones. there are people who make thousands of dollars while others only make a few cents so you need to research and become great at affiliate sponsorship in order to make a decent amount of money.

  1. Product Sponsorship

This is when a brand or company gives you their product for free and you in return have to think of creative ways to add it into your video and provide reviews. When you are able to get a company to pay you for endorsing or advertising their product or brand this is called a paid sponsorship. On occasion a brand will contact a YouTuber And make them an offer. This will usually happen if you have a lot of followers as well as great content. You can also contact a company with your own proposal to see where it takes you. You do not have to wait for someone to notice you just reach out two potential sponsors even if your channel is new.

Be sure to only work with brands and companies that you believe in and actually want to support. It is also a great idea to use brands that fit well with the type of content you’re producing on your channel. You want to make sure viewers believe that you are an honest person. When first starting out with a paid sponsor it is recommended that you use a flat fee system where you charge the company per views.

  1. Sell Digital Products

You can make money online by selling digital goods meaning they exist on a computer. Digital products can be photos, online courses, E books or music. Another way to describe it would be anything you can write, see or hear where you do not need to physically ship something to someone. People are making money by selling books, short films, musical beats and all types of videos. The digital world will keep you from paying for distribution and manufacturing costs so what you sell is basically all profit. You Should use and ecommerce store like Sellfy and start selling in no time. You want to be sure to create a product that is in your field of expertise and then create good content on your YouTube channel.

If you want to influence revenues there are two things that are very important. The first is to engage with your audience. Just like in person or real life, viewers like to be involved and feel important. Make sure you answer their questions and respond to their comments. When applicable, you want to ask for their opinions. The second thing is mainly to make sure you are being professional with your expertise which will help you earn a stable income.

  1. Online Patronage

If you are good at inspiring your viewers and fans you have a lot of potential to gain income directly from them. Online patronage is where you earn where you are recurring revenue from your fans based on subscriptions or per work of art. An example of this would be someone who is a podcaster or writer and they offer a monthly subscription for a fee. The content creator can set up multiple types of memberships for their subscribers which allows them to decide how much support they want to provide. You can set the subscription terms as 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and offer discounts for more months and renewals.

Patreon is a very popular system for online patronage that uses a system of award levels as well as multiple memberships which allows a fan to either pay per creation or subscribe. viewers like to have options on how they can support you. if your viewers choose to have a monthly subscription they will be charged automatically once a month. If they want to support you by pay per creation, you will make money each time you create a pay post. If you’re going to use Patreon you have to set up an account and inform your subscribers of the various membership opportunities and awards that they can receive by supporting you.

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