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10 Mens Watches that Make Businessmen Look Elegant

by Delarno
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10 Mens Watches for Elegant Businessmen

There are plenty of mens watches on the market; choosing one for a classic businessman can be difficult. After reading this article all difficulties will disappear. In fact, you may even wish you had 10 arms to be able to wear them all at the same time. But… one is enough.

Top 10 magnificent mens watches

mens watches10 – TAG Heuer Monaco
Created in 1969, made famous by Steve McQueen in his 1972 film ‘Le Mans’, this chronograph is one of most iconic watch designs. In addition to its elegancy and luxurious figure, the Monaco was the first square automatic chronograph in the world, and the first square waterproof case. Wearing it with casual attire during a weekend will make you look the businessman of the day.

mens watch9 – Piaget Altiplano
In 1957, after years of research, the house Piaget invented its first ultra-thin mechanical movement called 9P which measures only 2mm in thickness. Almost 30 years later, Piaget launched the “Altiplano” – inspired by the 1957 model – with clean lines and ultra-flat morphology. This model remains today a reference for gentlemen looking for a discreet watch hidden under their shirt. Piaget is one of the few luxury watch brands that designs, develops and manufactures its own movements.

mens watches8 – Panerai Radiomir
Do you want to look and feel an accomplished gentleman? Consider Panerai Radiomir mens watches. It is in 1938 that the history of the Radiomir begins, in the workshop of Guido Panerai. The watchmaker would realize that year his first models destined to the soldiers of the Royal Italian Navy, after having tested a first prototype two years ago. But it would wait until 1998 for the brand to really re-emerged with the models we know today. With its waterproof case of 47 mm and its indexes treated with a fluorescent substance, the Radiomir is the perfect watch for not only business people but also extreme divers. Radiomir is a thick watch recommended to men with big wrists.


mens watches7 – IWC Portuguese
Portuguese chronograph automatic dial men’s watch was not made famous by any superstar, but it is still today one of the chronographs with the most harmonious and homogeneous curves that exist. This IWC Portuguese has the legacy of the “Portuguese” watches of the 1930s and the modernism of a timeless and discreet chronograph. It has been for more than a decade the most popular timepiece of the brand. This is a versatile model that can be worn with all your outfits. Give it a try and you will not regret it. It is number 8 on our list of best mens watches for business people.

mens watches6 – Patek Nautilus
The Nautilus was introduced in 1976 by Patek Philippe with objective to create a strong design and an inimitable personality. It was highly criticized when it was released in 1976 with its original curves and steel case. Today, however, it is one of the most popular mens watches in the world with a timeless design. This square watch with rounded shapes in the form of a transatlantic porthole and the octagonal bezel remains a model reserved for a tiny clientele, wealthy businessmen. It goes with everything but costs a fortune.

mens watches5 – Cartier Tank
The Tank is one of the most loved watches made by Cartier. It was created by Louis Cartier in 1917 after the watchmaker saw Renault tanks (French light tanks) in use. Regardless you like English, French or American men’s watches, you will surely feel good wearing the Tank. The design is simple yet magnificent: a square watch with rounded shapes, tiny needles and Roman numerals that revolve around a central rectangle. As a blogger says, “this is a pure and elegant masterpiece.” Wearing this watch with a beautiful suit will make people think you have a strong personality.

mens watches4 – Zenith El Primero
El Primero is a very precise series-made chronograph, able to measure short times to the nearest 10th of a second thanks to its Quartz movement. In 1971, the Zenith manufactory was sold to an American company that would end the production of mechanical movements in 1975. Quartz movement was a revolution at the time. However it would require a courageous clockmaker, Charles Vermot, to create the designs, machines, stamps and tools dedicated to make El Primero what it is today. But it is until 1982 that Zenith would find the way of real success by providing the mechanisms of Rolex Daytona. El Primero can be worn with all your outfits.

Top 3 Best Mens Watches

mens watches3 – Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso
The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso is a classic white dial stainless steel men’s Watch. With its original mechanism that allows users to protect the dial of their watch, which makes this masterpiece not only luxurious but also durable. LeCoultre Reverso was created in 1931 and it is still fresh today. In addition to rotating its case to 180 °, you also have the possibility to engrave the back which seduces the lovers of this elegant watch. Under a suit or in jeans, it can be carried with everything without worries. LeCoultre is one of the best mens watches worldwide.

mens watches2 – Rolex Submariner
The Submariner is an impressive men’s watch. The story begins in 1953 when the Rolex Manufactory launched the first wristwatch that can dive up to 100 meters deep and whose luminescent hands and indexes provide perfect reading comfort. With a rotating bezel, which allows divers to calculate dive time, it will be marketed first under the name Rolex 6204. This is indeed a very sophisticated and elegant watch, but it would take James Bond to make it famous. With a distinct NATO black-red-khaki bracelet, the Rolex Submariner is a timeless model ideal for casual attire.

mens watches1 – Omega Speedmaster
None of the emblematic lines of OMEGA watches reflects the pioneering spirit of the brand more than the Speedmaster. This chronograph has many adventures to its credit, including all the missions piloted by NASA for nearly half a century and the six moon landings. The Speedmaster is a timeless and chic watch that can be worn with everything. It is Wonderful at the wrist and perfectly designed to catch people’s attention. This is one of the best mens watches ever.

It does not mean you need to have all these 10 watches in your collection; just one can make a big difference. Basing on designs and features, make your choice buying one of these masterpieces and impress your clients and co-workers. A luxury business handbag (see looloon.com) will enhance everything.

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