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Why Taylor Swift Bad Blood is an Attack to Katy Perry?

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Why Taylor Swift Bad Blood is an Attack to Katy Perry?

At the Billboard Music Awards ceremony which took place on Sunday, May 17, 2015, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Taylor Swift made history by winning eight Awards. She took the opportunity to unveil her brand new video full of stars, ‘Bad Blood’.

As we know, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are not friends. And we know very well that Taylor likes to talk about her private life in her songs and even in interviews. But is “Bad Blood” a message to her rival, Katy Perry? For most fans, the answer is yes. In fact, that’s what the video suggests.

Bad Blood is like a short film, in which you can see Swift gets into a serious battle against Selena Gomez! Upon release, the clip raised many questions: does Swift really hates Katy Perry that much, or just a video?

From the moment you watch the video, which is full of celebrities, you can see the resemblance between the character played by Selena Gomez and Katy Perry… Indeed, for the clip, the former girlfriend of Justin Bieber wears a wig and although she could wear any, it turns out that the one chosen is very similar to Katy Perry routine haircut. Is this a coincidence?


It is well known, Taylor Swift loves revenge through music, and her new song Bad Blood is no exception to the rule. The fact she likes to talk about her personal life in her music removes all doubts in the minds of her fans that this is indeed Katy Perry she targets in Bad Blood. In fact, some people, such as DJ Calvin Harris, were worry about it.

Katy Perry is not invited in the clip. Bad Blood is an ode to female and girl power. But if Taylor Swift really wanted us to think the song was not a hatred message sent to Katy, she would probably have asked her to participate, right? Perry absence is one more proof that she was not welcome.

But why there is so much drama between the two pop singers? The story is simple and dates back to September 2012. That year, Katy Perry was in full world tour with her California Dreams Tour. In 2013, these same dancers were with Taylor Swift Red Tour….Recalled by Katy Perry, the dancers did not hesitate to leave Swift to rejoin her. Perry offended that Taylor steals her dancers and trying, at the same time, to sabotage her tour; and the war began… Since then, their relationship has not changed and the two artists avoid each other as much as possible.

It appears there is a love story in the drama. There is more than the “dancers” issue between the two super stars… In 2009, Taylor Swift has had a short relationship (about one year) with musician John Mayer. Once the relationship is over, Katy Perry started dating John Mayer… Although Taylor says that her disagreement with Perry does not come from there, we nevertheless remain confident it has a major role to play in the drama.

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