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7 People Who Lost Half of Their Brain but Survive

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7 People Who Lost Half of Their Brain but Survive

Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body; it is a wonder as some scientists say. It regulates almost all functions of your body. Discover 7 people who have lost half of their brain in accidents but survive the incidents.

Ahad Israfil 7. Ahad Israfil
Ahad Israfil is a remarkable man from Daytona (Ohio) who has survived a gunshot injury that destroyed almost half of his skull and brain. The accident happened in 1987, when he was just 14 years old.

Ahad received the gunshot in his head at work when his employer allegedly knocked a firearm to the floor. He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent a five-hour operation. Amazingly, after the surgical procedure he regained his consciousness and attempted to speak right away.

Although the bullet damaged almost 50% of his brain tissue and eliminated half of his skull, the skin of his scalp survived, which allows surgeon James Apesos to fill the void with silicone and cover the remaining skull, allowing the hair regrowth, and giving him a fairly normal appearance.


He has lost some of his physical mobility and now uses a wheelchair. But he has regained most of his faculties and has successfully obtained a degree. Ahad Israfil also appeared on television programs such as World of Pain (Bravo, UK), and Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

6. Hu, The Half Skull Chinese Farmer
HuHu is a Chinese farmer who has lost half of his skull as a result of a dramatic accident. The man was hit by a pile of wood and fell down from the third floors on a construction site, which causes him to lose a great part of his skull and brain.

Luckily he has survived. He was rushed to the hospital, Xijing Hospital in Xi’an, where surgeons performed a major surgery in order to save his life. The surgery indeed helps him reverse the brain damage he sustained.

The surgical procedure lasted for three and a half hours and was performed by numerous national and international experienced surgeons such as Professor Shu Mao Guo, who heads the Department of Plastic Surgery at Xijing Hospital.

However, although Hu, 46, survived the accident, he cannot see clearly in his left eye. He also experiences double vision (diplopia) and is also unable to speak and write. Nevertheless he can still walk and understand when people talk.

Boy Who Lost Half Skull 5. The Boy Who Lost Half Skull
It is very common for babies to fall, from their bed or else. They are usually doing fine without receiving any medical care. It is not the case for Hou Guozhu.

Hou Guozhu was two years old when he fell from a bed which has dramatically changed his life for good. The fall causes a serious brain infection and repeated intractable epilepsy, leading medical professionals to perform a major surgery to save his life

Fortunately, the surgical procedure has been a success. Days after the procedure, Hou Guozhu was discharged from the hospital and reunited with his parents in his hometown in Shandong province.

On April 8, 2011, he underwent a cosmetic surgery at Peking Union Medical College in Beijing in order to help remold his skull after half was removed due to the infection. The two year old boy has regained his smile and enjoyed playing with other kids.

4. Antonio Lopez Chaj
Antonio Lopez ChajAntonio Lopez Chaj is a painter that was severely beaten at a bar and left to die. The beating continued until he lost his unconsciousness. Part of his skull was gone by the time he was taken to hospital.

The incident occurred on April 20, 2010. Chaj, his brother and two nephews went to neighborhood bar called Barra Latina. For some unknown reason, a relative got involved in a dispute with the bartender-manager. One thing led to another, the manager started beating Antonio with brass knuckles.

He received so many hits in his head that part of his skull has been irreparably damaged. Mr. Chaj has survived but his brain is so badly affected that he can’t walk, speak, or do most routine things.  He has to be assisted by family members or nursing care.

The case was gone to court, and the jury decided on his favor. Antonio has been awarded $58-million. As for now, he is disabled but wealthy.

half head man3. Mohd Izanuddin Hisham Muhamad
Mohd Izanuddin Hisham Muhamad is a 24 years old man who lives in Kampung Kubang Panjang in Kelantan, Malaysia. He lost most of his skull following a traffic accident that happened one afternoon.

A Friday afternoon Mohd was riding his motorcycle home from work. A Honda Jazz, which was driven by a Thai, tried to pass another vehicle. Instead, it ended up hitting his motorcycle. Mohd “flew like Superman over a long distance and crashed into a large tree by the roadside.” The Honda hit him so bad that his helmet broke into two pieces.

He survived the accident but he fell into a coma for three months. When woke, he was shocked to find a huge dent in his head. He said: “I asked my mother, who was by my bed, for a mirror and I nearly ‘lost my head’ when I saw that my once-perfect head was so deformed.”

The first day Mohd returned home from the hospital a kid in the neighborhood “cried in fear when he saw his head.” Muhamad survives but his problem is not over yet. Although he is a victim, his parent has to pay all the medical costs. He said “.”I hope other readers are touched by his story and support me”

2. Reece Roberts
Reece Roberts Reece Roberts, 27, ended up losing half of his skull and paralyzed after being punched by Thomas Field for no valid reason. Reece received the punch while he stood outside a bar in Blackpool enjoying a cigarette.

He fell flat on the floor with a severe brain damage, which causes life-threatening injuries. He was rushed to a hospital where surgeons had to remove part of his skull in order to stop his brain from swelling. The surgical procedure has indeed saved his life but he is now disabled.

Reece is now unable to walk and talk. He has to be fed through a tube in his nose. In addition, he has permanently lost major parts of his skull and brain. In a heartbreaking statement, his mom said: “My son has done nothing wrong in his life and has been through hell and back and still is going through it…”

Ironically, Thomas Field, the punk who drastically changes Reece’s life, received only 20 months of prison. The initial sentence was up to five years, but his prison term was reduced for “showing remorse for the crime.”

1. The Chinese Man,
7 People Who Lost Half of Their Brain but Survive - Booboone.comThis is a Chinese man who has lost a great majority of his skull and brain. The picture and the news of the incident were published on China’s Huanqiu website, but no details have been given about the incident that led the man to lose most of brain.

Sources we cannot fully trust claim the man has been involved in a terrible accident, which left parts of his brain and skull severely damaged and surgically removed. But as the picture shows, the accident was tragic and the victim has lost majority of his cerebral hemispheres.

Following the accident and the surgical procedure, the man is unable to walk properly and do some of routine things he used to. But he can move his hands and do other minor activities.

In case you have some reliable information, please comment below. The sources of your claim would be really appreciated.




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