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Pope Francis Loves Music but ‘Sings like a Donkey’

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Pope Francis Loves Music but ‘Sings like a Donkey'

The Pope Loves Music but ‘Sings like a Donkey’

The pope is the head of the Catholic Church, the largest Christian organization with 1.254 billion members worldwide. Like most people, he loves music and enjoys choirs. But apparently if he is good at leading the church, he is not so good at singing.

Pope Francis acknowledged Thursday before 6,000 young international choristers he received at the Vatican that he sings “like a donkey.” When asked about his love to sing, he clearly states the following, “I love singing, but if I had to sing, I would sing like a donkey.” He also revealed during the meeting he is a great lover of classical music.

The most powerful man on earth confessed “I cannot sing but I love music.” Maybe some American idol contestants need to admit the same fact…


The taste of the Pope for music comes from his mother since childhood. He told the youths that his mother making him listen to opera on the radio every Saturday afternoon, which gave him a taste for the music from his childhood. In addition to music, the pontiff was also asked about other aspects of life.

“Anger is a poison”

A young chorister asked him if he is angry sometimes. He responded affirmatively, but added that he was thinking of all those who get in angry because of him. The pope also advices the choristers to avoid anger because “Anger is a poison and the habit of getting angry is a disease,” he said.

I Wanted to Become a Butcher

The Pope, now 79, was also asked what he wanted to do later in life when he was a child. He said he wanted to become a “butcher”, which immediately triggering the laughter of the 6000 youth from choirs of “Pueri Cantores” (eng: the singers children).

Pueri Cantores is an international Catholic choral organization which was founded in 1944 in Paris. Gathered in Rome for their 40th International Congress, these singers from around the world, spent the last days of the year 2015 to give concerts in the churches of the capital, before participating in Friday Mass for Peace, celebrated by Pope Francis at The Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican (St. Peter’s Basilica).

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