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Top 7 Ridiculous Pornographic Laws around the World

by Delarno
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Adults are free to watch and publish porn in the US. But federal and state laws make it illegal to produce, sell, or even own child pornographic movies or any material.Individuals found violating these laws are usually fined or/and sent to jail; although some states are stricter than others.

What about other countries in the world? Let’s discover top pornographic laws all over the world.


Japan’s Pubic Hair Ban – although some nasty acts, such as bukkake (sex act in which several men ejaculate on a woman, or another man), is allowed, the Japanese explicitly prohibit the publication of representative images of pubic hair.



Australia’s Small Breast Ban – the Internet censorship in Australia has banned girls who are too flat or have small breast in adult publications. If the actress or supermodel does not have a cup size that exceeds A, it is feared that, in one way or another, she encourages pedophile.


Brazil’s Condom Law – in Brazil, porn stars are legally required to wear a condom during acting. The law aims at mobilizing the youth to always enjoy sex safely, thus reducing STD risks.


Ukraine’s Non Medical Porn Banunless it’s for medical use, individuals in possession of pornographic materials can be sentenced up to 3 years in prison in Ukraine. To publish or hold any pornographic content you need to be able to justify its use as a medical treatment.


Ban of Publishing or Watching Porn in Arab-Muslim Countries – Porn is illegal in many Arab-Muslim Countries. As the bible and the Koran say, sexuality is reserved for heterosexual and married couples. Even in private, some practices, such as watching porn or sodomy, can be fatally reprehensible.


China’s Severe Porn Repression – Producing, selling, distributing or possessing pornography is banned in China. The penalties, according to the offense, can go up to life in prison. Not long ago, 60 000 sites which content deemed inappropriate, were closed and 58 people were imprisoned.


Iraq’s Radical War on Porn – Some extremists In Iraq, since the cancellation of anti-porn restrictions introduced by Saddam Hussein, spy customers of Internet cafes, and kidnap and torture those caught watching porn or erotic movies.

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