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3 Weirdest Animal Sexual Behaviors in the World

by Delarno
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Sexual Behaviors

Animal Sexual Behaviors

Sex is the most enjoyable pleasure ever. Almost all living beings love it. But for many animals, mating is a real pain in the butt which often leads to tragic consequences. While some have a nasty others have deadly sexual behaviors.

If you used to complain about your sex life, take a few minutes to travel the animal kingdom with me and discover how mating for these 3 species is a real ordeal.

Here are 3 strangest animal sexual behaviors which turn sex  into misery, pain, and death.

1. Brown antechinus

The brown antechinus is a small marsupial that has a tragic sex life. Each spring, the tiny carnivore has one thing in mind: Kiss and never stop. In preparation for this sexual marathon, the male spends the first ten months eating incessantly to grow and gain strength. The reason is because once the mating season arrives he will have no time to eat and rest.


Indeed, during this period, antechinus does nothing other than mating. He does not sleep, but kissing days and nights, seven days a week. Finally, after two weeks of having sex, every male antechinus fall dead.

2. Hippopotamus

Sexual BehaviorsThe big mouth is not the only weird thing about hippopotamus; this species has a bizarre sex life.

Hippo is one of the most dangerous animals in the world; the males are also good lover. The courtship of hippo goes through a fairly standard step, since the male has to mark his territory. But rather than let a little pee, the hippo sees things big: he therefore begins to urinate and defecate in same time and, to be sure that its territory be the widest possible, he shakes his tail to send a special fluid around the area.

Seeing this, females are intrigued and charmed – love is in the air. They approach the male and then go to make some preliminary in water. After that the strongest male will start mating. During the mating and even years after, he will have to fight constantly to protect his dominance until a younger male defeat, and possibly, kill him.

  1. Whitefronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons)

Also known as the white-fronted parrot, this beautiful bird, native to Central America, has a very special dredge technique that involves using bodily fluids to attract his mate. This is one of the few animal species that practice kissing as humans. Yes, these birds kiss like human and it is cute to see. When they find a partner, the white-fronted parrots start tongue kissing and playing with their tongues like humans.  But the romance ends with a nasty note.

Once the caress begins, they hold each other tight as two people who are horny. Heat rises, their feathers quivering under the influence of the sexual desire and, suddenly, the male shows his affection for his female by vomiting in her mouth. Some scientists believe regurgitating the food (the vomiting) in the beak of the female is a loving gift. What a sweet way this little animal shows his love. Anyway, the females lovvvve it.

Hey ladies, you think your man is not good in bed.  Be happy you don’t have to swallow a disgusting vomit. So next time you want to complain about your sex life, be happy you don’t have to follow a trail of pooh to find your mate. Men, instead of criticizing your sexual performance be happy you make it alive. Male brown antechinus are not so lucky.


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