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World war 3 has begun, here are 10 irrefutable proofs

by Delarno
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World War 3 (WWW3) Has Begun

In World War 1, it is estimated that 10 million soldiers lost their lives, 7 million civilians killed. In WW 2, things were worst; over 60 million people perished. A century after the First World War, we already entered the World war 3, without even knowing it.

7 signs indicating World war 3 has started

  1. 100 billion arms sales

Arms trade is a global business which is not new to the world. But things are getting exaggerated. This year 2016 is expected to set a new record of arms sales. Experts have estimated that the arms industry will sell for more than $ 100 billion on arms; this would be an increWorld war 3ase of over 6% in one year. This is the first time that this figure is reached. It is like the nations are preparing for something big, maybe World war 3.

2. Greed for territories of other countries

As they say, there are certain things in life that men are ready to die for; among them their land and power. The first two world wars were partially due to territorial ambitions of some heads of state. Today, all over the world territories are claimed by militarily overpowering countries like Russia in Ukraine, China vis-à-vis Taiwan and the South China Sea. Even Dominican Republic is dreaming of occupying Haiti.

  1. China Sea tensions

World war 3Not long ago, Chang Wanquan, the Chinese defense minister, warned that the tense situation in the South China Sea can lead to a direct confrontation and called “on the military, police and general population to be ready to defend China’s territorial integrity.” Anytime a war can be triggered between China and US allies, thus indirectly between China and the United States.  In case that happens this will surely lead to World war 3.

You may ask why the tension? Priceless underground gas reserves and transit of half of supertankers make the South China Sea more than enough to ensure China’s energy security or that of neighbors such as the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei.

Apparently the situation is taking a turn against the United States. For instance, tensions with US cause Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines President, to become closer to China and Russia. Yesterday Mr. Duterte openly said “goodbye” to relations with the U.S, bragging his relationship with China and Russia: the two main rivals of the United States.

  1. Intercontinental conflicts

world war 3As in the first two world wars, where the world powers were facing, the United States, Russia and China have a tense military relationship which can lead to World war 3. In Syria, Bashar al-Assad is supported by Russia and his military are trained in China, while the rebels are sustained by the United States. And this confrontation is found elsewhere on the planet.

In addition, war being waged against Daesh on all continents. The terrorist organization attacks worldwide, with an intensity that few armed groups deployed before it. And many countries have joined forces to fight them on their soil as in Syria and Iraq, giving a global dimension to this fight. Meanwhile, accusations that ISIS has been created by the US government are accumulating.

5. Plans of Destruction

world war 3For Daesh, as well as Allies, there is one goal, destroying the enemy by any mean. And they openly vow to carry out terror attacks in tens of countries. In the other hands, Countries enemies of Isis, such as Russia, pledge to destroy them from the surface of the earth. In fact, Putin states, “To forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to him is up to me.”

This same logic led to the two first World wars. The Nazis wanted to destroy part of humanity. As for the Allies, they had annihilated the Nazi regime, whose ideology is now prohibited in many countries.

Carrying massive attacks is not just a theorist mentality. Bellicose leaders everywhere are demonstrating their willingness to kill. On all continents, countries are ruled by leaders who do not hesitate to threaten their neighbors. Kim Jong-un, the North Koreas President, seems desperate to feed his ambitions. Provocations responded by provocations; logic and humanity are crucified.

  1. Countries fell into anarchy

world war 3The Arab Spring (demonstrations, protests, riots, coups and civil wars in the Arab world) has transformed several countries, some turning to structured democracy, like Tunisia, others to military dictatorship, like Egypt. Others fall into total anarchy, Libya and Syria for instance. In the latter two, war rages every day without knowing when and how it will end or to what neighboring countries this war will spread.

The international organizations have no intention or real plan capable of stopping the bloody situation. The League of Nations, the predecessor of the United Nations, had been unable to prevent World War II. Today, the UN appears overwhelmed by the conflicts ravaging Africa and the Middle East. Just look at the UN Commission on Human Rights; it is composed especially of China, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

7. China is now the USSR

world war 3Since Star Wars led by Ronald Reagan and the inability of Soviet to follow the ambitious US military program, the United States had no rival in this regard. But now, China is positioning itself in direct competition with the super power, through its expansionist economy and advanced technology acquired in recent years. Could the technological and military confrontation between China and the United States foreshadow World war 3?

At G20, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, was not accorded the red carpet staircase welcome. The Air Force One landed in Hangzhou, the capital and most populous city of Zhejiang Province in east China, along with other global leaders for the G20 economic summit. Other leaders received a “red carpet welcome”, but there was none for Obama.

  1. War in Space

world war 3The United States, Russia and China are developing and testing controversial new weapons capable of fighting war in space.  You may ask what this has to do with World War 3. WW II has unrolled a lot in the air, with the birth of military aviation. The Cold War was played in space, with the conquest of the Moon and the development of military satellites. Now it may be the conquest of a habitable planet that will lead to the world war 3.

The United States was the undisputed leader in nearly all civilian space endeavors (NASA). But things are changing. Some analysts go further to claim that the “United States could lose its long-held leadership position in space science, technology and exploration.” China is the third world power to independently send humans into space. Now they are working on other plans such as establish a permanent Chinese space station in 2020 and crewed expeditions to the Moon for industrial development. The main intention is to exploit Earth-Moon space for industrial development by building space-based solar power satellites that would beam energy back to Earth.

  1. The Invisible War (cyber attacks)

world war 3World war 3 is also fought invisibly. With the advent of the Internet, the attacks now lead online.

Organizations all over the earth have been victims of cyber attack. Sometimes it is Russia or China against US or US against them. IT systems of some major institution are paralyzed due to inconvenience caused by hackers. Individuals as public organizations are victims. This is a new form of war; this is the beginning of ww3.

The situation in Syria weighs heavily in the US-Russian diplomatic relations and the multiple cyberattacks attributed to Russian hackers worsen the tensions. This is a form of cold war. Meanwhile, it is believed that the Obama administration is preparing an unprecedented cyber attack against Russia. The first objective of this operation is to “avenge” the Russian actions in recent months.

  1. Indifference of leaders facing violence

world war 3Rumors of world war 3 are becoming more vocal and we would be very wrong not to listen. The United States fights unnecessary wars against small countries; and the nations are angry about it. Beginning from Iraq to end with Syria, the American government acts as a world tyrant having no regard for human life. Obama had promised peace during his campaign; he has not kept his word. He follows Bush’s war Path.

He has instigated, encouraged and financed wars, including the formation and training of Islamic terrorists (ISIS) by his military and the CIA. For over ten years, we live every day, by the media, the unnecessary wars waged by the United States, causing the death of millions of Civilians, including children and health professionals. The cruelest and most destructive during the Obama administration is the war in Syria. These cruelties could lead to the ww 3.

But even if the world war 3 has begun, all hope is not lost. Now, as never before in the history of humanity the world leaders have had so many opportunities to discuss and negotiate their indifference; let’s hope they will find a common ground and make the right decision to stop the bloodshed.

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