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Top 12 sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and their treatments

by Delarno
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Condoms are usually the best protection from contacting a sexually transmitted disease but they do not come with a %100 guarantee. The best way to really prevent most of these situations would be to engage yourself in a relationship with both partners being faithful to one another. That’s pretty hard to find so I’d probably go with using the condoms just in case. For the most part as you will soon learn, most STDs can be cured with antibiotics or alternative treatments, but there are the more stubborn ones that can infect and stay with you throughout the remainder of your life.

Here is a list of some of them that can help you identify and educate you with their detail. It has been studied and become a proven fact that about 1 out of every 6 people is infected at the moment with at least one form of sexually transmitted disease.

STDs1) CHLAMYDIA – This is a more common STD that is caused by a bacterium that is transferred to their partner without most people even being aware that they are infected by it. Some might experience symptoms of having pain in their genitals or pelvis region while some might notice some heavy discharge as well. It can cause serious damage to the woman’s reproductive system if not treated properly in a timely matter. Antibiotics can quickly resolve this issue for you.

2) SYPHILLIS – This is a chronic bacterial disease that is obtained thru sexual contact. It starts out as a painless sore on either the genitals, the rectum, or the mouth. Once the sore has healed it will be soon followed by a rash that appears on the body and without treatment can cause brain, nerve, eye, or heart damage. Antibiotics can treat and cure this.


3) HIV/AIDS – This is the virus that causes AIDS. When the virus enters the body, it attacks the immune system. It destroys the white blood cells the body uses to fight off other infections. It doesn’t survive outside the body for very long. It is spread human to human thru contact of bodily fluid, semen, or blood during vaginal or anal sex. It can also be exchanged during oral sex but usually this has a very low chance of doing so. There isn’t a current cure for this disease at this time although there is medicine that can slow the process down and help you to live a long life.

4) GENITAL HERPES – Another common STD with about 1 out of every 6 people infected with it. Most people won’t have any signs or symptoms of having it but do not be fooled by this because even without the symptoms in can still be given to your partner thru sexual or oral contact. The outbreaks that will appear on occasion look like little clusters of blisters filled with milky fluid that can be very painful that turn into sores and can bleed and ooze liquid. It can lay dormant in the body then without warning suddenly appear years later. This is no cure for this disease once infected your stuck with it for life. On average more than 3,000,000 million U.S people contact this every year. It is obtained by vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

5) HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS – An infection that causes warts to appear throughout different parts of the body depending on what strand its from. 70 to 90% of those infected will be cured by their body’s own immune system.STDs

6) PUBIC LICE – This is a crab like bug that attach themselves to pubic hair, sometimes travel elsewhere on the body such as beards, mustaches, armpit hair, eyebrows. Pubic lice infestations are usually spread thru sexual contact. This problem can be quickly cured by purchasing over the counter without prescription lice treatment. This insects feed on blood. They spread easily causing itching and red spots on the skin. They can also infest your sheets, pillows, and towels so be sure to pay close attention and wash everything to get rid of this infestation.

7) BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS – This is a vaginal infection that women get. It helps to increase the risk of becoming infected with a STD. It may also pre-mature labor for pregnant females. It is caused when a change in the balance of bacteria that normally live in the vagina known as BV. It causes a fishy odor smell to project from the vagina with a burning sensation and itching as well. It is easily cured with antibiotics.

8) PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE (sometimes is referred to as P.I.D) – This is caused by bacteria that often stem from another STD such as chlamydia, or gonorrhea. It most commonly occurs when it is sexually transmitted from the vagina to the uterus, the ovaries, and the fallopian tubes. There are about 200,000 new cases per year. Symptoms include fever or discharge. Treatable with antibiotics.

9) MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM – This is a virus that can be spread sexually or non- sexually but threw contaminated objects like towels, clothing, or sex toys. Symptoms may include a shiny, white, smooth, dimpled bumps with a curd like core and itching on the genitals. Will usually disappear within one year’s times without treatment. They can also be removed by health care workers as well.

10) GONORRHEA – This is a STD caused by a bacterium that infects both male and female, It attacks the urethra, the rectum, or the throat and can infect the cervix in females. It is spread through vaginal, anal, and oral sex. It can be treated and dismissed through taking antibiotics.

STDs, 11) HEPATITIS B – Is a liver infection that is spread by blood, semen, or other bodily fluids from a person that is infected by the virus then enters a body of someone that is not infected. It can stay active on almost any surface lasting over a month and can still infect through contact as well as through sexual transmission. Symptoms may include yellowing of the eyes, stomach pain, or a dark, smelly urine. Liver failure can also occur in more serious cases. This condition often will clear up on its own. There is a vaccination that can be given beforehand. This condition is treatable.

12) TRICHOMONIASIS (or TRICH) – This is a very common STD. It is caused by an infection with a protozoan parasite. Most people with this parasite are not aware that they are even being attacked by this. Symptoms are a foul, smelling odor along with some vaginal discharge and some itchy and painful urination. This will only last a few days if oral antibiotics are taken.

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